Tommen Led A 'GoT' Double Life

The Lannisters are famous for keeping it all in the family, but this takes their incestuous family tree to a whole new level. HelloGiggles has pointed out that Dean-Charles Chapman played two different Lannisters on Game of Thrones. Chapman is best known as Tommen, Joffrey's kinder, gentler little brother. But before then, he played Martyn Lannister back in Season 3. Is your mind blown? Don't worry, I am right there with you.

In case you need a refresher, Martyn was one of two young Lannister boys taken captive by House Tully. Martyn and his brother Willem were held in Riverrun's cells, where Talisa visited them. Martyn was the adorable little guy who asked Talisa if it was true that Robb could turn into a direwolf while she was bandaging his hand. Rickard Karstark murdered Martyn and Willem, prompting Robb to behead him in turn. These actions had lasting repercussions, leading to Karstarks supporting the Boltons in the power struggle in the North.

But wait, this story gets even better. Martyn was Kevan Lannister's son, which makes him Lancel's brother. Kevan is the brother of Tywin Lannister, Tommen's grandfather. Lancel is both Cersei's cousin and her former lover. Now Chapman is playing his own cousin as King Tommen. Does your head hurt yet? If it does, you can always chalk up the unbelievably striking resemblance between Tommen and Martyn to the Lannister family's close ties.

So the next time you see King Tommen, remember that once upon a time, he was also sweet little Martyn Lannister, who did a bit of bonding with Talisa before he was unceremoniously murdered. While I would like to think Tommen will have a happier fate — who will look after Ser Pounce if he dies? — he is probably doomed, just like his lookalike cousin. For now, though, marvel at how sneakily Game of Thrones slipped Chapman's double Lannister performance by the world.

Images: HBO; HBO/YouTube