Underrated 'Bachelorette' Season 12 Contestants Who Could Go The Distance

Now that we're four episodes into The Bachelorette, things are starting to get real. And by real, I mean, Chad has taken over and spun this thing into his very own show (yes, he was sent home, but according to previews, The Chadlorette is not over), which is both kind of impressive and something that keeps me awake at night. Anyway, we've seen enough episodes of JoJo's season at this point to pick favorites and make predictions about who will go far and who's in trouble. But I'm here today to remind you to slow you roll. There are still some underrated Ba chelorette contestants that could go the distance. Plus, we have 8 weeks left. It ain't over until Neil Lane shows up, and then Chris Harrison subsequently tells us it's over. Then I guess you could say it's over.

Out of the 11 remaining men competing for JoJo's heart and/or a chance to be the next Bachelor, only a few seem truly promising. Though that always happens to be the case. JoJo can't fall in love with every single contestant. She's not Ben Higgins. (Zing! Sorry Ben.) Yet, in the midst of all the obvious front runners (Jordan, Luke, and perhaps Chase at this point) there are a few dark horses in the mix that could surprise us. Here are the ones we should all be keeping an eye on.

1. Robby

We haven't seen much of Robby up until pretty recently, where he went on the group date and basically confessed his low-key love for JoJo and made out with her up against a pool table. (Get after it, Robby.) Though he hasn't been given a ton of air time and no one on one date yet, it's pretty clear that there's a connection between these two, so definitely don't rule him out.

2. Derek

Sweet Derek — aka, tanner Jim Halpert — received the first one on one date. The spark between these two doesn't seem as palpable as say the Jordan and JoJo one, but there's a mild, slow burn happening. They seem to genuinely enjoy each other's company, so he could stick around for a while.

3. Wells

There's something about Wells. He's got a bit of a Seth Cohen vibe going for him. He's vulnerable, adorable, and nerdy — but still cool? — in the most endearing way possible. I mean he hired All For One for his limousine entrance. When he was having a hard time during the fireman date, he remained impressively collected and adorable, and it seemed like JoJo was really into taking care of him.

4. James Taylor

James recently snagged a coveted one on one date with the leading lady and let's just say it went well. Like, really well. Though it might have been easy to write him off at first, James Taylor has some game. Namely because he can sing and play the guitar, which in turn has made JoJo cry not once, but twice.

5. Grant

Though they haven't had much alone time, it's easy to see that JoJo's picking up what Grant's throwing down. I mean, he's a handsome fireman. She doesn't know much about him at this point, but it probably won't be easy to send him home based on those stats alone.

6. Alex

They might have not had instant fireworks, but Alex did just receive the rose on the two-on-one date. Sure, he was chosen over Chad, which really doesn't say a whole lot considering Chad is the literal actual worst, but Alex could surprise us by flying under the radar and sticking around for a while. He seems like a stand-up guy, and JoJo's trying pretty hard to turn her attraction to "bad boys" off, so she might keep him around based on that alone.

7. Evan

JoJo seems to genuinely like Evan as a person, which is a great start. It appears that JoJo's interested in getting to know more about Evan, and though their relationship might not scream "romantic connection!" there's no denying a mutual respect between these two.

At this point I think it's pretty clear who's going to make it to the end (JoJo, girl, you're not very good at hiding your feelings *cough* Jordan *cough*), but mark my words. These guys will make it far. One of them might even take this thing home. Who knows.

Images: ABC (8)