8 DIY 2016 Father's Day Gifts For The Best Dad Out There

Dad day is right around the corner, folks! If you haven’t already started brainstorming, it’s time to get started on those DIY Father’s Day gift ideas. You can’t deny that it totally beats a last-minute trip to the department store only to find everything your dad already owns. I know you have experienced this, people.

Turning to DIY makes it possible to create awesome personalized Father's Day gifts. It also proves that it’s all about the thought and effort that went into creating it. After all, price tags and brand names won’t represent your love or adoration in a meaningful way. By making a special gift, you can demonstrate just how much you care for your big guy.

As always, don’t forget about other father figures in your life, too. This includes your uncles, grandfathers, and family friends. It might even include professors, coaches, and your favorite mailman. Basically, anyone who has offered and provided fatherly guidance deserves attention on this summer holiday.

While this list is quite diverse, many can be easily gifted together. You can also pair them up with a charming DIY Father's Day card for an all-star present. Whatever you choose, I’m sure Dad will adore it. Happy Father’s Day!

1. Beer Bottle Cups

For the dad that appreciates obscure craft beers, gift a set of DIY drinking glasses made from beer bottles. It's a clever way to re-purpose bottles into a useful, functional gift. The best part is that the bottles basically double as free materials. Awesome. Find the tutorial at eHow.

2. Beer Bread

Speaking of beer... why not make a delish batch of homemade beer bread? Everyone loves a tasty consumable gift, after all. After you make this recipe, don't forget to save the bottles to make those cups. Visit eHow for the how-to.

3. Leather Keychain

Feeling extra crafty? Why not try making a leather keychain for Dad's keys? You might even be tempted to make one for each member of your family. A Beautiful Mess has the low-down.

4. Spice Drawer Organizer

Does your dad love to cook? Make sure he's ready for whatever goes down in the kitchen with this spice drawer organizer from eHow.

5. Wood Burned Bottle Stoppers

Fathers that appreciate boozy gifts will adore these personalized wood-burned bottle stoppers. Consider gifting a set of these babies with his favorite wine or liquor for the total package. Learn how to make them with A Beautiful Mess.

6. Vintage Comic Book Slate Coasters

Dads who adore comic books will swoon over these coasters by eHow. Pair it with those beer bottle glasses or a six-pack of his favorite beer for the ultimate Father's Day package.

7. Bourbon Bread Pudding

For another consumable gift that won't disappoint, make this bourbon bread pudding by Brown Eyed Baker. It's even topped off with a sweet bourbon sauce. Yum.

8. Grill Match Jar Dispenser

With summer in full swing, there's nothing better than grilling the day (and night) away. If your dad is the grill master of the family, keep him armed with this useful grill match jar by Darice Crafts. So easy, so clever.

Images: eHow; eHow; A Beautiful Mess; eHow; A Beautiful Mess; eHow; Brown Eyed Baker; Darice Crafts