16 Ways To Cool Down Without An Air Conditioner During The Crazy Summer Heat

Summer season is coming up quick, folks! And if you’re anything like me, you’re all about figuring out ways to cool down without an AC. Let’s face it — having access to the power of air conditioning at all times isn’t possible. This is especially true when you’re traveling, outside, or are in an establishment or house that doesn’t have AC.

So, how does one prepare for the inevitable wrath of summer humidity? With the right mindset and approach. When you’re mindful of the drinks you consume, the things you do, and the clothes you wear, you have more control over how your body reacts to the heat. I mean, we can’t exactly alter the scorching hot temperature. Work with what you got, friends.

Even if you are lucky enough to have air conditioning in your house or apartment, these techniques can (and will) come in handy. They’ll prevent you from blasting the AC all day and night, saving a pretty penny on your electricity bill. It will also cut the chances of the AC tiring out and overheating. And did I mention that you'll save yourself a good chunk of change?

Here’s a long list to get you started. Happy summer!

1. Make agua fresca

Sweeten things up with a delicious glass of cooling agua fresca made of fresh fruit, water, and sugar. This traditional drink, which is a staple in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, can be made at home with a blender. Turn to eHow for the full tutorial. Count us in, please!

2. Drink water... lots of it

It goes without saying that staying hydrated is important all year round. Come summertime, it's even more crucial. Your body will have a much easier time cooling down when it's fully hydrated. For best results, drink eight ounces (a glass) of water every hour. Simply keeping a water bottle nearby and continuously filling it up works just as great. Drink up, people!

3. Infuse water

If you have a difficult time drinking plain water, try infusing it with fruits, cucumbers, and herbs. This will add a burst of flavor to your water, turning it into a tasty treat. The best part is that the possible flavor combinations are endless. Looking for some ideas? Visit Damn Delicious.

4. Try homemade sparkling lemonade

Your arsenal of cooling drinks doesn't need to stop there. Homemade sparkling lemonade, like this one by eHow, can easily shake things up on crazy hot days.

5. Wear natural fabrics

Clothes made of natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, and silk, are loosely woven and will let your body breathe. If you can, opt for boxier, loose shapes to allow room for air flow. Try your best to ditch artificial fabric such as polyester and rayon, too; your body will thank you.

6. And sleep on them, too

Just like clothing, what you sleep on (and under) matters just as much. While silk bed sheets and pillowcases can be quite pricey, cotton versions are typically more affordable. A single cotton bed sheet will help fuel a more restful, cool night of sleep.

7. Apply ice to your pulse points

Simply placing an ice pack on your wrist, neck, ankles, or behind the knees can send an awesome chill throughout your body. Don't have access to an ice pack? Just grab some ice cubes and have at it. Even just a few seconds will help immensely.

8. Use a spray bottle

Mist yourself down with a spray bottle for a refreshing cool down. Not only is a spray bottle easy to toss in your bag, but it sure beats crashing the neighbor's kiddie pool party.

9. Wear a cold towel

Soak a small towel or bandana in cold water and drape it around your neck, forehead, or back. It's easy, cost-effective, and the perfect way to cool down ASAP.

10. Clean the fridge

... Seriously. When the fridge is due for a clean-up anyway, why not do it on a scorching hot day? It will feel more like a treat rather than a chore. Talk about a productive cool-down.

11 Sleep on the lowest level

We all know hot air rises. Take advantage of this by sleeping on the lowest level of your house, as this is where all the cool air will be. Of course, this will totally depend on your housing situation. If you can swing it, the basement is a great place to hang out and snooze on a hot day.

12. Face your fan toward the window

Small fans are useful for circulating air. Keep things flowing to your benefit by placing a fan opposite a window, facing outward. This will push the warm air out, promoting better circulation.

13. Adjust ceiling fans to turn counter-clockwise

To pull hot air upward, re-adjust any ceiling fans to turn counter-clockwise. Easy peasy.

14. Make refreshing popsicles

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Summer isn't summer without a delicious popsicle or five. This year, try your hand at homemade concoctions to cool you down. It's one of the tastiest ways to treat both you and your stomach. Personally, I've been eyeing this Bloody Mary popsicle recipe.

15. Go for a swim

Much of summer's awesomeness has to do with (finally) being able to chill out in your favorite body of water. Lakes, oceans, pools... take your pick. A quick dip might be just what you need on a humid day.

16. Jump in a cold shower

It doesn't even need to involve shampoo. A quick three-minute cold shower can work wonders when the humidity gets the best of you.

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