Brienne & Jaime Reunited On 'GoT' & It Was Magic

I know that we are all psyched to possibly see Tarthbane happen in the near future but have we all forgotten Brienne's first love interest? Yes, of course I am talking about the delightful flirtation between Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones. I know it never fully came to it's fruition but these two had amazing chemistry and they truly seemed to care about each other. It's been a hot minute since these two have been in a scene together and tonight that fortunately changed. Brienne and Jaime had a reunion and the chemistry was still detectable.

This episode, Brienne finally made her way to the Blackfish to try and persuade him to join Sansa and Jon's cause to take back Winterfell. Of course, in order to get to him, she had to penetrate the siege currently chillin' outside of Riverrun. Who leads that siege at the moment? Our very own, Jaime Lannister. Brienne joined Jaime in his tent to negotiate her way to the Blackfish, leaving Pod with Bronn outside. Of course Bronn speculated that the two of them were getting busy in the tent but unfortunately we were not treated to that kind of reunion.

Once inside the tent, Jaime actually congratulated Brienne on her ability to actually keep her oath to Catelyn Stark to keep Sansa alive. Brienne even tried to give him back his sword that he had given her but in an adorable moment, Jaime refused to take it back. He told Brienne that it was it would always be hers and I swooned forever on my couch. The moment lasted only for a moment though, because she got right down to business, stating that she would have to stay loyal to Sansa if it came down to choosing between the Blackfish and Jaime in battle. The two of them legitimately looked like they were going to cry and it was magical in the most heartbreaking way. Then at the end of the episode as the Blackfish lost his castle to Jaime, Brienne rowed away to safety and they gave each other one last wave. Let's hope that wasn't the end for these two, but it sure seemed like it for now.

Images: HBO