Are Pauly D. & Aubrey O'Day Still Together After 'Famously Single'? The Pair Reveals They're Ready For The Next Step

Raise you hand if you are completely psyched to watch the new E! reality series, Famously Single. The concept alone is brilliant but once you learn who you can expect to see in the cast, you will simply have to tune in and watch the drama unfold. Basically, the show has gathered eight reality stars together to work with professionals to figure out how to help them with their personal relationships. What's not to love about that? Everyone's favorite Jersey Shore DJ, Pauly D. and former Danity Kane member, Aubrey O'Day, are part of this debut season and the pair has seemingly found love together. So, are Pauly and Aubrey still together after Famously Single?

Well, it looks like they are certainly still together and appear happier than ever. At the premiere party for Famously Single, the two of them were all over each other, confirming their couple status. Pauly tells Bustle that reports of them breaking up back in May weren't exactly accurate. "Relationships, that's what happens. Being in the limelight, people don't really know what's going on," he says. It seems like being a celebrity couple can be particularly difficult. After all, normal people don't have to worry about explaining every fight they have with their significant other to massive amounts of prying fans.

This also doesn't seem to be a fly-by-night relationship. The two of them seem to be pretty serious about each other. When Bustle asks whether marriage was in the cards, they are both very open about wanting to make it official. Pauly answers questions about a possible engagement by replying, "[I'm] ready to go. Maybe. Just waiting for her to put a ring on my finger," he jokes, looking at his hand. "It's looking pretty bare over here. We talk about [marriage]." So, it seems like there is a possibility of another superstar reality wedding on the horizon. Especially since Aubrey says the next step for them is to, "to get married and have a baby." I'd say that's pretty clear.

The cast of Famously Single likely went on the show because they had trouble understanding what it took to keep a relationship together. Luckily, it looks like Aubrey and Pauly have learned a lot from their experience, because the way they speak about their relationship now makes me think that they have figured out how to keep it going strong. Pauly says that he learned on the show that one thing, in particular, is key. "[Aubrey] taught me how important [communication] was," he admits. "You have to communicate with your partner in every aspect, like put everything on the table. That's the only way you can get something to work, if you ask me." Aubrey also learned a lot from the experience, saying, " I think compassion is huge. The next level beyond communication is being able to hear your partner, even if you don't understand [them]."

It looks like these two have what is takes to make a reality love story come true. Now Aubrey just needs to get Pauly a ring!