Will Ruby Rose Be In 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 4? Fans Want More From Her Story

Orange is the New Black, Netflix's critically acclaimed woman-centric series, is returning for Season 4 — finally! Of course, while everyone who has binge-watched the show has been eagerly awaiting more time with all the Litchfield ladies, there are sure to be some favorite characters. For instance, one standout from Season 3 was Stella Carlin, a love interest/business partner to Piper Chapman. So, will Ruby Rose be in Orange is the New Black Season 4 as Stella, or is this fan-favorite character left to her own devices for the year.

Well, let's take a look back at where Season 3 left Stella's storyline. Although Stella and Piper grew close throughout the course of Season 3 — and Stella even tattooed Piper with the phrase "Trust no b*tch" — their relationship fell apart as Stella began to prepare for the end of her prison sentence. In order to have money when she left Litchfield, Stella stole from Piper, who had made some money with her used panty business. In retaliation, Piper hid contraband in Stella's bunk, including marijuana and Boo's screwdriver, and tipped off the correctional officers. As a result, Stella was sent to maximum security in the season finale, which is where she'll presumably still be when Season 4 begins.


Of course, even though Stella was sent to maximum security, there's still a possibility of Rose returning for Season 4, right? Well, there's some conflicting evidence. Last year in an interview with Pop Sugar, Rose didn't confirm or deny her appearance in Season 4:

Well, as it stands right now, it could go either way. But, as you probably know … they're currently filming in New York and I'm definitely not in New York right at this exact second, so we'll see. It could go either way.

However, if we take a look at the filming schedules of Orange is the New Black season 4, which wrapped in early December 2015 according to MovieFone, and Rose's upcoming film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which also wrapped in early December 2015 according to ComicBook.com, it's not looking good for Stella's return. Additionally, though it may not be the most reliable source of information, IMDB doesn't have Rose listed as a cast member in any Orange is the New Black Season 4 episodes.

So, what does all this mean for the likelihood of Stella popping back into Litchfield in Season 4? Unfortunately, nothing good. Of course, it's possible that Rose may appear briefly — and the actress's non-answer may simply be an effort to avoid spoiling a surprising return by Stella. But, if Rose wasn't sure of her return when Orange is the New Black season 4 was filming in New York, and her filming schedule on the Resident Evil movie conflicted with that of the Netflix series, it's unlikely she'll appear in the upcoming season. Still, Orange is the New Black has been renewed for Season 5, 6, and 7 already so there's plenty of time for Rose to return as Stella at some other point in time.

Images: JoJo Whilden/Netflix (2); Giphy