The 'Finding Dory' End Credits Song Marks An "Unforgettable" Conclusion To The Movie

If you stay in your seat for the credits after Finding Dory, you'll notice the film's theme song isn't exactly what one might expect. Instead of an upbeat, pop track to reflect both Dory's sunny personality and today's popular music scene, the Finding Dory end credits song, "Unforgettable", is much more haunting. Why? Probably in part because it's performed by Sia. Yes, the "Chandelier" songstress recorded a cover of Nat King Cole's 1950s classic specifically for Finding Dory.

"Unforgettable" is the perfect choice to close out Pixar's newest movie. If Finding Dory proves anything, it's that the movie's protagonist, Dory, is truly unforgettable, even though she's quite forgetful herself. 13 years after the release of the original Finding Nemo, fans cannot wait to see Dory again in movie theaters, proving that they have definitely not forgotten about her. Interestingly, Dory herself, Ellen DeGeneres, was instrumental in getting such a fitting song to close out Finding Dory. The comedian and talk show host reportedly asked Sia to cover the song for the film, and even had Sia on The Ellen Show to debut the song in May. While on the show, Sia revealed that when DeGeneres approached her to record Dory's new theme, it was an offer she couldn't turn down. "Dory's story makes me teary. When Ellen asked me, I couldn't refuse," she said.

Sia didn't just lend her voice to the film's end credits song, though. She also let Dory try on her infamous wig. In recent years, Sia has been careful not to show her face during public performances or red carpet events, choosing instead to keep her identity private and allow her voice to speak for itself. Though she rotates through a nice collection of mostly blonde wigs, the singer currently favors a half black, half white wig, as seen on the cover of her newest album, This Is Acting. But the star was kind enough to part with her wig to promote "Unforgettable" and Finding Dory with an adorable photo of Dory à la Sia.

Sia's Finding Dory theme will no doubt take its place in Pixar movie soundtrack history. Whether or not it will join the ranks of Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me" and become one of the most iconic Pixar movie songs of all time remains to be seen.

Hopefully "Unforgettable" will get some company on the Finding Dory soundtrack — I really want that "Just Keep Swimming" remix.

Images: Walt Disney Studios/Pixar