The 'Wonder Woman' Set Photos Tell Us A Lot About The Upcoming Film — PHOTOS

I'm not sure why I'm doing this to myself, given that the movie doesn't come out until June 2017, and I can't sustain this level of excitement for that long. However, the new Wonder Woman set photos are just that amazing. I'm typically a pretty calm lady, and I was prepared to start my day rationally, but you guys. This is really happening. We're going to have a female-led comic book franchise, and there's proof because they're filming it right this very minute, and GAH. I think maybe because it's taken so long to come to fruition, part of my brain still thinks this Wonder Woman film will never happen — although don't tell the perfectly-cast Gal Gadot that, because I don't want her thinking I don't believe in her. I've just been hurt before, so I'm learning to love again.

Part of that process for me involves going deep on these images from the set, and trying to figure out what they tell us about the movie. Only then can I truly trust that this is all real and not just a beautiful dream that will vanish as soon as I look directly at it. This little sneak peek comes to you courtesy of a picturesque beach where some larger group scenes were being filmed — it appears that Gadot wrapped up her portions of the film in May — and they have a lot to offer in terms of predicting the plot. Check them out below.

Let's start with the upper left hand corner, where we see an armor-clad woman astride a beautiful white horse. I think the main thing to pull from this image is how perfectly at ease she looks; she and her fellow Amazons are preparing for war, which, from this shot, we can see is as natural to them as breathing. And that warrior vibe is echoed in the group shots, where women on horseback are flanked by women on the sand, and you can see that every single one of them means business. It looks like a war of some sort is being waged, against the military-clad men we see in boats in the lower right-hand corner. From the positioning, it seems clear that the men are attacking from the water, while the women are defending the coastline. And while we don't have any indication of which way the battle goes, I'm gonna put my faith in those badass women, even if they are technically outgunned by the men.

Because that's the final thing that striking me about these images — that the men are armed with guns, while the Amazons carry only spears and more rudimentary weapons. It makes me hope that the warrior women, like Wonder Woman, also have the bullet-repelling bracelets that can ward off gunfire. If so, then those poor saps never stood a chance against the raw power of the Amazonian army.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures