Dr. Westmoreland Is Alive On 'Orphan Black,' But How Is That Even Possible?

The eventful penultimate episode of Orphan Black Season 4 ended with the long-awaited revelation that Delphine is alive. The finale, "From Dancing Mice To Psychopaths," filled us in on who shot the French doctor, how she survived, and where she is now… although the question of what exactly she's doing there remains very much up in the air. But all of these answers paved the way for an even bigger twist: Dr. Westmoreland, the founder of Neolution, is alive and well despite being well over a century old — and he's the one who has been sending Rachel Duncan visions through her artificial eye.

But before we get to Westmoreland, let's recap what Delphine has been through since we last saw her in the Season 3 finale. She was shot in the parking garage by Detective Duko, who was prevented from finishing her off when Krystal's phone went off nearby, distracting him long enough for a van to pull up and scare Duko away. Inside the van was Dr. Van Lier, Neolutionist and Evie Cho's personal physician. He told Krystal to leave and then took Delphine with him, stabilizing her and transporting her to the camp where we saw her at the end of last week's episode.

Thanks to a map painted by Charlotte that Cosima finds, we know that the camp is on the same island as Susan's house. When Rachel executed her coup against her mother, Susan allowed Cosima and Charlotte to escape, and the pair headed for the dock. While they were traveling, Charlotte ominously warned Cosima that they should stay away from the camp. However, they soon got lost and, with Cosima growing increasingly sick, things weren't looking so good for the clones… until some people showed up and carried them back to the camp, which we soon learned was run by Dr. Westmoreland himself.

Delphine tended to the weakened Cosima, and injected her with the stolen cure — although she advised Cosima not to tell anyone that she had done so. Why doesn't Delphine trust Westmoreland? Why does Charlotte seem afraid of the camp? Why has Westmoreland been holding Delphine captive? And how the heck has he survived for over a hundred years?

Season 4 ended with a supremely creepy sight, something we've never seen before: Rachel smiling, as she anticipated her long-awaited meeting with Neolution's founder. We may not know much about Dr. Westmoreland now, but it's clear he'll be a major player in Orphan Black Season 5 — which could be very bad news for our favorite clones.

Images: Ian Watson/BBC America (3)