A Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Romance Shouldn't Have Been Shocking & Here's Why

Where were you the day the news broke that Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston might be dating? I'll never forget sitting at my computer, refreshing my Twitter feed with a gaping mouth and an exploding brain. Thanks to photos of the two kissing and canoodling that were released on Wednesday, it seems like the era of #Hiddleswift is now upon us, and it completely blew my mind. I mean, had any of us even recovered from her breakup with Calvin Harris yet? No, didn't think so. But as shocking as the news might have seemed, we probably shouldn't have been surprised by it at all. Footage of Hiddleston gushing over Swift after they spent time together at the Met Ball has resurfaced, and in light of those incriminating photos, it seems like this relationship was totally foreshadowed.

In the video — which comes from an interview with MTV — Hiddleston talks about meeting Swift for the first time at the gala. He calls her charming and amazing, praises her vocal talent and "Shake It Off" and even calls her "very cool." It's not exactly like he's professing his undying love for her or anything, but it definitely does sound like she made an impression on him. And I could be imagining things, but he is talking about her the way celebs talk about each other when they're in a relationship but don't want to go public with it yet.

This interview went live a month ago on May 16, and back then, it seemed completely harmless. On its own, it's not enough to have predicted that this relationship was a thing, but there's other evidence that, put together with this interview, kind of does. In fact, if you really wanted it to, you could take it back to 2014, when Hiddleston described his perfect woman and Bustle writer Jamie Primeau pointed out that Swift checked all his boxes. And then, they met in person, and he probably realized she's exactly the person he's been looking for. How do you walk away from that?! Anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy can understand this.

If that's not enough for you, there's also the footage of them dancing at the Met Ball, which is ridiculously cute. As Hiddleston explained to the Press Association, Swift convinced him to dance to The Weeknd with her, and the below video is a true gift that resulted from that interaction. OK, Swift is obviously the girl in Walk The Moon's overplayed single, "Shut Up and Dance" who drags the guy onto the dance floor where they end up falling in love. I don't see how the entire world didn't realize this was coming after that video hit the Internet, honestly. And as a self-proclaimed Swift expert, I'm a little disappointed I missed the signs myself.

But wait, there's more. Rumors surfaced via Us Weekly in early May that Calvin Harris was jealous after Swift and Hiddleston danced together — a rumor I would never, ever give credence to except for the fact that everything else going on here makes it hard to deny that it could be valid. And really, can you blame him? We've seen the video. Harris spins some nice tracks and all, but can he really compete with Loki? I'm not so sure.

OK, so let's go over this timeline again. Hiddleston decides who his perfect woman is; Swift is the exact embodiment. They finally cross paths for the first time at the Met Gala, they dance and the chemistry is palpable, because true love cannot be stopped or controlled. Calvin Harris cannot ignore the obvious chemistry that happened at that gala, so he and Swift break up, leaving her free to begin the romantic tryst with Hiddleston that will end in burning flames or paradise, as Swift sings herself in "Style." It's very easy to see exactly what's happening here. Wake up, America!

There's still a chance they're not actually dating, because there's always the possibility photos could have been from a video shoot or could be explained away by some other circumstances that we aren't privy to yet. After all, Bustle reached out to Swift's rep for comment but did not hear back, as well as Hiddleston's rep, who will not comment on the actor’s personal life. But if they are together, we should not be shocked by it, because Hiddleswift has been a long time coming — longer than any of us could have imagined.

GL on the potential new boyfriend, Swift. I'm still mourning the loss of all those beautiful swan photos with Harris after she deleted them from her Instagram, but if she and Hiddleston are the real deal, I could find a way to get on board with a different pool float this summer.