How This Fanfic Writer Predicted Hiddleswift

The potential news/rumor/whatever you want to call it that Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift might be dating is literally the best thing I've heard in weeks. Since the pair was spotted looking extremely friendly on a beach together, the internet has gone wild. Swift might have only broken up with Calvin Harris a couple of weeks ago, but if the new photos are anything to go by, then Hiddleswift looks like it might actually be a thing. Hiddleston and Swift famously danced together at the 2016 Met Gala back in May and, at the time, it was cute to see them together. Most of us secretly hoped that the talented pair might one day start dating. (Just me?) But one person was way ahead of the game: Fanfiction writer, jenniiichristine on fanfiction site Archive Of Our Own predicted a Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston pairing in a fic called Wildest Dreams that she wrote in December 2014.

In fact, jenniiichristine — whose real name is Jennifer Stanley — wrote her fanfiction prediction so accurately, she even had Hiddleston and Swift meet at the Met Gala (albeit in 2015). How could she possibly know that everyone's new favorite couple would meet there? Bustle reached out to Stanley to find out how she came up with Hiddleswift, and what she thinks will happen next.

In the author's note for the fanfiction, which was originally published in Dec. 2014, Stanley wrote "I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this pairing, but I don't care. I'm a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift as individuals, and I'd love it if they got together in real life. Alas, what's the likelihood of that ever happening?" Clearly, Stanley had no idea back then that Swift and Hiddleston might start dating in real life. Speaking to Bustle, Stanley explains her inspiration to pair the couple together:

"I first found out who Tom Hiddleston was back in October 2014. I quickly learned just how optimistic and upbeat he is — that he likes to remain fit, loves to dance, and also loves '80s music. All of that made me really think that him and Taylor would get along so well. I've been a fan of Taylor's for 10 years now, and naturally I was like, 'Well, because of all of this, let's just put my two faves together!' Hence, Hiddleswift was made."

As for how she predicted so accurately where Hiddleston and Swift would meet, Stanley adds,

I just did one Google Search, that took one minute, to see what events they would ever potentially cross paths at considering they're in two separate fields of work. And the Met Gala was seriously the only event it could ever happen at. I just wanted my research to back up my fanfiction.

The attention to detail here is astounding, and has me convinced that Stanley should work as some sort of zeitgeist predictor, as she clearly understands celebrities. And if Hiddleston and Swift one day get married, she should probably plan the ceremony, right?

Perhaps, the most exciting thing Stanley tells me is that Bustle was a direct influence on her obsession with, and creation of, Hiddleswift. The author says, "I remember when I dove headfirst into Hiddleswift, I found an article on Bustle about 'couples we'd like to see'... and Taylor/Tom was the first one listed!" The article Stanley is referring to was written by Jamie Primeau back in November 2014, which suggests that Swift would be the perfect girlfriend for Hiddleston.

Stanley isn't ready to talk about the future of Hiddleswift just yet, even though she's written thousands of words on the couple in her fanfiction. She adds, "I need a few days to see what happens before making a prediction. I'd rather not make any calls now, just to get a feel for the aftermath since this is all so sudden." I don't know about you, but I feel like if anyone can predict what's next for Hiddleswift, it's Stanley.

I can't stress how much I love the fact that Hiddleswift existed way before Hiddleswift happened IRL. This is just too much. Perhaps even more amazing is the fact that Swift follows Stanley on Tumblr! Did Stanley make everyone's new favorite couple happen? One thing's for sure — fanfiction is powerful.