You Forgot About These 'Bachelorette' Favorites

In every season of The Bachelorette, there are contestants you love to hate, hate to love, and some that you just plain love (in a totally appropriate, normal way to love someone you just watch on TV and whom you've never met). But you guys — this show has been on for 12 seasons now, so I imagine the chances that you remember every single Bachelorette contestant you ever sort of fell in love with from season to season are lower than the chances of Chris Harrison ever retiring. That's why I'm here, though: My goal is to remind you of the fan favorite Bachelorette contestants you've probably forgotten about over the years. Welcome, welcome! Thank me in long stemmed roses, please.

While we are in the midst of The Bachelorette Season 12, it's become clear that JoJo will have a tough time deciding between some pretty likable men, and a very easy time deciding between some very not likable men. As they do with any season, the fans have already shown their allegiance to a particular few contestants — but will those contestants have the power to be remembered years from now, when we are old and grey and watching Season 354 of The Bachelorette? Maybe, maybe not, we'll have to find out. For now, let's take a look back at Bachelorette fan favorites of seasons past to ease that very specific type of anxiety.

1. Bob Guiney

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bob! What a guy. Trista Sutter's runner-up may not have been her perfect match, but he was sure the apple of many viewers' eye. So much so that he ended up being The Bachelor during that show's next season! (Also, fun fact: He was the first ever Bachelor to get chosen from a Bachelorette season.)

2. Graham Bunn

Viewers (myself included) fell for Graham Bunn's cool demeanor and kind-hearted nature. Since being featured in Deanna's season, Graham has appeared in some spin-off shows, but it seems he's now retired from any and all Bachelor Nation appearances in general. Sad to see him go... but love to watch him walk away, you know?

3. Kiptyn Locke

Sweet, soft-spoken Kiptyn Locke wasn't Ed Swiderski enough to win Bachelorette Jillian Harris' heart, but he sure as hell won the hearts of viewers across America.

4. Frank Neuschaefer

It was clear from the get-go that Ali Fedotowsky had a thing for Frank Neuschaefer. His presence was refreshingly atypical compared to that of other contestants (those glasses helped) and fans appreciated his honesty. Though he did end up breaking Ali's heart — sad face — he was still adored.

5. Chris Lambton

Ali's runner-up was genuine husband material. Though most fans were happy for her when she picked Roberto, there was a large majority of viewers who were rooting for good ol' trustworthy Chris.

6. Ryan Park

Fans were shocked — shocked — when seeming frontrunner Ryan Park got the boot before hometowns during Ashley Hebert's season. Though other contestants thought Ryan Park was "too jolly" (is that a thing?) the people of the world sure loved the guy.

7. William Holman

I definitely thought William Holman could have gone far on Ashley's season. He was cute, funny, smart... everything a gal could want! Yes, he did take roasting Ashley a little too far during their comedy date, but he was so charming and likable that his bad decision there was easily forgotten.

8. Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Two words: Dream. Boat. I rest my case.

9. Drew Kenney

Drew Kenney was a model with both the face and soul of an angel. Why Desiree didn't choose him, I'll never know.

10. Brooks Forester

Fans swooned for Brooks' ruggedly handsome good looks just as much as they did his candidness. Even when he shattered Desiree's heart, we all still rooted for him. Honestly, Brooks for president.

11. Zak Waddell

Zak was the dark horse of Desiree's season. He flew under the radar because he was sort of quirky at first, but when fans saw his sincerity and commitment to finding love, he quickly became a favorite.

12. Marquel Martin

I stand behind my theory that Marquel is the coolest Bachelorette contestant thus far. I mean, who can forget those dope pocket squares? No one wears one like him.

Anyway, here's to many more Bachelorette fan favorites that we will all probably forget about in due time, but will cherish for always.

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