Blake Lively Says She & Ryan Reynolds Are "Officially Breeders," So This Is Just The Start Of Their Expanding Family — VIDEO

Even though she's currently expecting her second child, Blake Lively is thinking ahead to having more kids in the future. Yes, already. For the record, she and husband Ryan Reynolds have one daughter, James, so far. On Monday morning's episode of NBC's TODAY, Lively talked about her ever-expanding family. And guess what? It sounds like this is just the beginning. The Shallows star joked,

You hear that? If you want your own Lively-Reynolds baby, all you have to do is go online. Maybe now that her site Preserve has come to an end, she can use that same URL to sell her offspring? Alright, clearly she was kidding — her babies are people, not puppies. But still, I think she's rather serious about the fact that their fam will continue to grow in the coming years. I bet soon after baby number-two, there will be news of another on the way. Regardless, it's sweet that the couple is so family-oriented. I'm envisioning a gigantic crew of kids, just like the Cheaper By The Dozen movie.

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This shouldn't come as too much of a shock, since the couple has previously vocalized that they both come from big families and want to create their own. Showing this has always been their philosophy, Reynolds told Details back in 2013,

I don't think he was wrong about "happily" walking through the fire of parenting, since they've already shown they have a knack for raising kids. Lively and Reynolds take turns with dirty diapers and have friendly competitions over who can get James to say their name first. Clearly they really enjoy parenting and having one kid hasn't deterred that mindset.

If Lively and her husband's quotes are any indication, this is just the beginning of their family tree. So brace yourselves for baby number three, four, and probably five.