Where To Buy Beyonce's Lemon Accessories

OK, get in formation Beyhive fans because the latest in Beyoncé news are the fabulous photos of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Hawaiian vacation. Beyoncé's summer style is something we all dream about — an effortless mix of boho chic while flaunting none other than lemonade-inspired accessories. She may be subtly promoting her Lemonade album, but the lemon accessories still work for summer (think the classic lemonade stand you used to make as a kid).

Yes, it's true that Beyoncé has been slaying when it comes to her style lately, whether it was during the CFDA Awards or during her Formation tour, the Queen Bee knows how to make an impression that her fans be swooning over. Even on vacation, Beyoncé doesn't sacrifice any moments to wear an awesome outfit and of course Instagram it.

While in Hawaii with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, Beyoncé was seen wearing a lemon crown, a lemon necklace, and a lemon dress — talk about making a fruity fashion statement. Not only do we now have a lemon obsession thanks to Beyoncé and Lemonade, but it's really making yellow a must-have color in your summer wardrobe. When life gives you lemons, wear them like Beyoncé does.

Of course the amazing lemon accessories were Beyonce-only custom pieces, designed by the Hungarian brand Sugarbird, but you can still get her lemon-printed maxi dress that is also by Sugarbird:

Copacabana Dress, $278,

And here's six more Lemonade-inspired accessories you need in your life right now:

1. Lemonade Dad Hat

Lemonade Dad Hat, $36,

Dad hats aren't just for men. Pair the cute lemonade hate with some summer shades for a fun pool look that will protect your face from the sun.

2. Lemon Bag Charm

Kate Spade Lemon Bag Charm, $88,

Hang the lemon key chain from your purse or suitcase for a pop of summer color.

3. White Lemon Print iPhone 6 Case

Dolce & Gabbana White Lemon Print iPhone 6 Case, $75,

You may have seen pineapple phone cases this summer, but I'm thinking Beyoncé would have lemons on her phone.

4. Patterned Beach Towel

Patterned Beach Towel, $17.99,

Subtly show your Lemonade love on the beach with this lemon-patterned towel.

5. Lemon Sticker Patch

Lemon Sticker Patch, $5,

Stick this lemony patch basically anywhere to remind you of Beyoncé.

6. Lemon Sunglasses

Warby Parker Downing 16 Sunglasses in Lemon, $95,

Now that yellow has been established as a hot summer hue, these sunnies are perfect for your next trip to the beach.

Images: Getty Images; Beyonce/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands (5)