Da'Vonne Is Back For Another Shot At 'Big Brother'

When Big Brother 17 premiered last summer, I was loving Da'Vonne Rogers. She had so much personality and she knew the game inside and out as a super fan. I mean, Da'Vonne was the one who figured out the twin twist with Julia and Liz Nolan right away. Sadly, Da'Vonne was so good at playing the game that she just couldn't keep the information to herself, so everyone sent her packing early on since she was such a major threat. Lucky for fans, Da'Vonne Rogers is on Big Brother 18 and has another shot at the $500,000 prize.

This time around, Da'Vonne figured out that Tiffany is Vanessa Rousso's little sister within five minutes. Thankfully, she learned a lesson from last summer and she did not let this one out of the bag right away. Hopefully, she will be able to play the game a lot better on her second try. Just in case you didn't watch Big Brother 17 or you somehow forgot who she is, let me fill you in. And for the record, I have no idea how anyone could forget her. She may have left early, but she certainly left a lasting impression.

She Is A Poker Dealer

Da'Vonne is a poker dealer which means that she has the ability to read people really well. She can probably tell when people are lying or keeping secrets — an essential skill to have during the Big Brother game.

She Is A Single Mom

Da'Vonne has a daughter and providing for her is Da'Vonne's main motivation to win this competition.

She Was The Second Person Evicted In Season 16

Even though Da'Vonne is a very smart person who knows how to read people, she played all of her cards way too publicly very early on in the game. So it definitely made sense for people to want Da'Vonne eliminated in the very beginning.

She Is A BB Super Fan

Da'Vonne grew up watching Big Brother in the summers with her grandmother so she is very well-versed in the twists and challenges. If anyone is able to figure out what's going on before something is announced to the house, it would be Da'Vonne. Hopefully, she will keep her best pieces of information to herself this time.

She Had A Religious Upbringing

Da'Vonne's mother is a minister and her uncle is a pastor so her faith is very important to her.

She Is From California

Day is a California girl. She was born and raised in Inglewood, California and she currently resides in Los Angeles.

As long as Day is careful, she should be a major contender to deal with this season. The other Big Brother 18 houseguests better watch out.

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