How Much Are Quay x Desi Perkins Sunglasses

If you don't own them, you've probably admired them from afar: Quay sunglasses are quite the fixture at most of your favorite retailers, from Topshop to Nasty Gal. Now, they're branching out with an amazing collaboration with a famous vlogger — so, how much are Quay x Desi Perkins sunglasses?

It's something of a match made in heaven — Quay sunglasses are famously edgy and high fashion, and they're available at a wonderfully affordable pricepoint. And then you've got Perkins, one of the most famous vloggers/makeup artists in the universe. To put things in perspective, she has almost as many Instagram followers as Michelle Phan, and nearly quadruple as many as famous makeup artist Pat McGrath, according to Add all that to the fact that she's got absolutely impeccable taste in sunglasses, and you've got yourself the recipe for quite the spectacular capsule collection.

It's not Quay's first big collaboration — they also had an insanely popular candy pink pair of sunglasses they released with Too Faced last month (unfortunately, it's now out of stock).

The new Quay x Desi Perkins sold out just as quickly — but luckily for us, the collection will be restocked for the second time on July 5th, and will be available in a large variety of stores, both of the brick and mortar variety, and online. Plus, they've already been endorsed by a certain Kylie Jenner — so, hit that restock fast, before they're gone like the Lip Kits.

So, once they're back, how much will they cost? Right now, you can buy them steeply marked up on eBay for around $200 (ouch) — but if you play your cards right and get to the restock on time, you should be able to snag a pair for $50 to $60, priced as moderately as Quay's usual offerings.

What do you think? Will you be purchasing a pair? They're absolutely perfect for summer, after all.