Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston's Latest Date Tells Fans Quite A Bit About The Rumored Couple

If you thought the Hiddleswift hype would fade out anytime soon, you may want to buckle your seatbelt. Based on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's latest date night, they're spending a ton of time together. E! News obtained exclusive photos from Wednesday when the rumored couple held hands and ate dinner at a steakhouse in Nashville. According to E!'s source, Hiddleston even opened the car door for her, because chivalry isn't dead. These two really aren't hesitating to keep their relationship underwraps, huh? It's almost like they're flaunting it for the world to see. If you ask me, there are two possible explanations: Either they're really milking this for attention, or they're so into each other and don't care who knows it.

On the one hand, Swift shouldn't have to hide her love life. It's just a change of pace from relationships past, where fans speculated if she was dating a guy because he hung out with her cat and then it took several months before they posed together on a swan float. (Yup, #TBT to Calvin Harris.) Or what about how fans had to piece together what happened with Haylor (aka Swift and Harry Styles), because they wore matching paper airplane necklaces? Things with Hiddleston are just so much more straightforward. It's both refreshing and out-of-character.

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For instance, take those Hiddleswift beach pics, which surfaced only a week ago. They were holding hands and kissing on a secluded beach, all while probably knowing that paparazzi were around the corner. Or at least if you ask reality star Spencer Pratt, who told Cosmopolitan there's a .5 percent chance they didn't know cameras were there. He said, "At that level of superstardom — I don't want to judge T-Swift; maybe she didn't know, but I think one of them did it." Why take Pratt's word for it? Well, he knows a thing or two about being in tabloids and the spotlight. Regardless, knowing the star power that Swift has, if she really wanted to hide her relationship with Hiddleston, she would be more cautious. Yet she seems to have an IDGAF attitude about being spotted together.

Same goes for letting her bestie Abigail's boyfriend post Snapchats of Swift and Hiddleston dancing at Selena Gomez's concert earlier this week. It's one thing to have the paps post a couple photo, and it's entirely different for your BFF's BF to post a Snap. You definitely know when the latter happens. If she wanted that taken down, she easily could've made him delete it.

So, which is it? Are Hiddleston and Swift falling so madly in love that they don't care who knows it? Or are they intentionally showing the world they're together for the sake of attention? Personally, I think it could be a combo of both. I don't love that it feels a bit like throwing it in Calvin Harris' face, considering they just broke up. But then again, the "Wildest Dreams" singer is an independent woman, who should go out to dinner with whoever she pleases.

One thing is for sure — Hiddleswift is here to stay. And if you want to see more of them, something tells me you won't have to wait too long before the next batch of date night photos get posted.