Ray J's 2016 BET Awards Red Carpet Appearance Has Fans On Twitter A Little Confused

Oh man — usually it’s the guests that say and do weird things on the carpets of award shows, but at the 2016 BET Awards, it’s actually one of the hosts. Ray J is hanging out backstage while the rest of the BET crew is doing their interview thing on the red carpet, and his reactions are, let’s just say, interesting. What is going on with Ray J's 2016 BET Awards red carpet appearance?

Ray J, also known as “The Boy Is Mine” singer Brandy’s little brother, has made a name for himself in his own right as a singer, songwriter, and actor. He’s also known for being a one-time boyfriend of Kim Kardashian — Ray J appeared in the sex tape that shot Kardashian to infamy in the early 2000s. Now, Ray J has some hosting duties at the 2016 BET Awards — but there’s something very off, let’s say, about his antics. I mean, I don't know what's up either — Ray J appears alone backstage in every 2016 BET Awards red carpet appearance, and he's basically just screaming and talking about how happy he is to be there, and that it's 2016, and everyone's alive and happy to be there, too. Trust me when I say it's... something else.

Of course, those watching at home miss absolutely nothing, and viewers took to Twitter to ask the hard questions.

It may be funnier because backstage is absolutely empty right now and Ray J is basically just having a party by himself — so I hope that more people come back and give Ray J someone to talk to (but also on the other hand I don't, because this is too funny).