Ray J Wants to Become Kim K's New Neighbor

Recently Kim Kardashian posed the question, "Can I live?!?!" She was referring to people freaking out about when she cropped her daughter North West out of a selfie. Well, another reason she might be asking that question now is this: Ray J is trying to buy a house on Kim Kardashian's street. No, seriously! He can't leave her alone and wants to live right nearby. Here's how TMZ eloquently explains the situation:

Kim's former sex tape partner just wrote a $2.7 million offer to buy a Hidden Hills mansion 8 doors down from Kim and Kanye.

Ugh! Apparently Ray J checked out the area on Friday, and then wrote the offer. The home also has three horse stalls. (Does Ray J actually own any horses though?) While it may seem like he's following Kim around, he claims that he actually lived in the area first. Hmmm, I'm not buying that excuse. It's a bummer that Kim Kardashian's amazing new home will be ruined by her ex following her around.

If anyone out there is Team Ray J (because hey, you never know!), I'd like to point out this isn't the first time he publicly seemed to be trolling Kim. Remember when he wanted to give Kim Kardashian a $47,000 check as a wedding gift? Nope that's not an arbitrary amount — it's how much money he made from their sex tape.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plus, we can't forget about Ray J's song "I Hit It First," where the title is pretty self-explanatory (and immature). There's also his other single, "Never Shoulda Did That." Oh, and then there was this tweet:

Clearly Kim has moved on, but Ray J is stuck in the past. The guy needs to grow up ASAP. The only time he makes headlines is when he's making a mockery of Kim — it's like he's perpetually mooching off her success. The only thing he's actually accomplishing is making himself seem more and more pathetic.

Anyway, if these two actually do become neighbors, I imagine it'll be like a celebrity-fueled version of the movie Neighbors . I'd actually pay to watch that!

In this analogy, Kim and Kanye would be Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, along with their cute, little baby (aka North). Meanwhile, Ray J has the maturity of Zac Efron's fratty college student. Sure, it's an amusing comparison — but hopefully Ray J actually gets a life and leaves Kimye alone!

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