Nick Viall Should Do Things Differently On 'BiP'

He's back! In case you missed it, Nick Viall is going on Bachelor in Paradise, and I'm here to help him out with some tips of things he probably shouldn't do this time around. The last two times Nick Viall was on The Bachelorette things didn't go so well for him, but Paradise could be his moment to shine — and meet a lovely lady. I think we all can agree that Nick is no where near as bad as Chad from JoJo Fletcher's season, so at least he has that going for him this time.

Let’s look back at Nick Viall’s journey for love. We first met Nick when he was trying to win Andi Dorfman's heart on season 10 of The Bachelorette. He came in 2nd, losing out to Josh Murray. After that it was Kaitlyn's shot at love and Nick decided he wanted a chance with her and showed up in the middle of her season. History repeated itself and he was sent home brokenhearted in second place yet again. Now he's back for round three.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 is kicking off soon and he should take some friendly advice from me, an obvious Bachelor expert.

You Shouldn't Kiss And Tell

Arguably the worst thing Nick Viall did was go on national TV and reveal he had sex with Andi in the Fantasy Suite. It's super unclassy to kiss and tell like that. I recommend he keeps his sexual endeavors to himself while in Mexico...

Take Off Your Mic

Now let's jump forward to when he hooked up with Kaitlyn before the Fantasy Suite. Lesson learned, right? Turn off the mic!

Don't Toss Expensive Rings Away

Nick, I know it's upsetting when you don't get engaged after six weeks, but try not to toss your Neil Lane ring in the crevasse of a car.

Don't Talk To The Contestants Before You Go

I know sometimes it's inevitable to meet contestants beforehand since everyone hangs out, but it would be smart for Nick to not talk to cast members ahead of time. He should remember back to crashing Kaitlyn’s season. No one was happy about their alleged pre-show chats. Also, it really backfired for Joe Bailey!

Don’t Ask This Awkward Question During Sex

In case you didn't pick up Andi Dorfman's book, It's Not Okay, she detailed her one night stand with Nick Viall and revealed something pretty personal (and oh so cringeworthy). He allegedly asked her whether she wanted to “make love…or f*ck.” Oh, Nick, ditch that kind of bedroom talk.

You Shouldn't Shave The Beard

Since his time on The Bachelorette Nick Viall has grown a pretty impressive beard. Here's my tip: Don't shave. I'm just saying, as a woman, the beard is only helping his mission to find a wife.

Try And Make Friends

One thing he's never tired to do over his two seasons on The Bachelorette is make friends. This is his chance to meet some pretty cool guys (except Chad. Don't be friends with Chad, Nick!)

Turn Off The Charm And Be Real

After meeting Nick in person I have to admit, I get it. He says all the right things and knows exactly when to turn on the charm. I would say to turn that off and just be real. He has way better chances when he's actually being himself. I just don't think we've seen it yet.

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