Kylie Has Been Favoring This Classic Lip Kit

There are nearly 20 shades and lip products comprising the Kylie Cosmetics range. They're all Kylie Jenner's "babies" and she has referred to them as such. While she has christened the true nude Exposed Lip Kit her favorite shade, which supplanted her previous favorite, the rosy nude Candy K Lip Kit, Jenner is still switching things up and has been rocking one her "classic" Lip Kit shades as of late.

When you are 18 going on 19 and preside over a lip empire, you reserve the right to change your mind and your shade daily if you wish. Over the weekend, the makeup maven was rocking one particular Lip Kit hue, with her team boasting that Jenner created the perfect version of this color. #Promotion

Jenner painted her pout with Mary Jo K, her vibrant crimson Lip Kit. It's a classic, wearable red and one of her earliest shades. Remember, it came out in February as part of the Valentine's Day collection. While Jenner showed us how to wear her navy blue Freedom Lip Kit while rocking statement lashes, smoky eyes, and a face full of bronzer, she slayed Mary Jo with a minimum of product on her face and other features.

Witness KJ x MJK.

This is Jenner's version of the classic screen siren look. Mixing a va-va-voom lip with maaaj lashes was so the right way to go. I am not quite sure what's up with that "vintage" bathroom, either. But who cares. It's all about dem lips.

Mary Jo K also picked up the red in her puffy jacket, which also boasted horses. IDK why Jenner was wearing a jacket in June. Perhaps the AC was turned down low? So. Many. Questions. Or "kwestions."

Here is another shot of Kylie Jenner with a red-painted mouth. I am used to her owning those nudes and neutrals or her throwing me for a loop here and there with blue or black lipsticks. So when she switches gears to rock a red lip, I am totally besotted in a girl crush sort of way.

Eylure Vegas Nay Lashes, $7.99, Ulta

If you have managed to nab a scarlet Mary Jo K Lip Kit and want to wear it like Kylie Jenner wore it in that totally SFW bathtub shot, your best bet is to pair it with these falsies and you'll be good to go. Lips and lashes, baby! What more do you need in life?

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Courtesy Eylure (1)