Does JoJo Like Anyone Besides Jordan Rodgers? 'The Bachelorette' Has Some Clear Frontrunners

Are you getting bored with The Bachelorette yet? Because I am. Can we be that honest with each other? For the first few weeks, we got to watch the very scary but truly entertaining Chad train, which kept fans busy buzzing about his creepy threats of violence and his sweet potato munching, distracted from the fact that there really aren't that many viable guys in the house. Don't believe me? Here, imagine a Bachelorette contestant. Is it Jordan? It's Jordan, isn't it? Lately it's been feeling like Jordan Rodgers and JoJo are the only possible Bachelorette couple outcome of this entire season. Which begs the question: does JoJo like anyone besides Jordan?

It's hard to know just exactly what Ms. Fletcher is thinking, and even with a newly thinned crowd of men, it still feels like there are lots of guys in the house that could easily go. That doesn't mean that there aren't any primo picks for JoJo, though. Ages ago, JoJo revealed her top three men to Entertainment Tonight, any of whom could be a clear frontrunner for sweeping her right off her feet. Predictably, those guys are Jordan, Robby, and Luke. But who has the best chances of winning her heart? Let's break it down.

1. Robby

Thanks to a pretty eventful one-on-one last week (I'm talking that "I Love You" Robby served up at the end of his and JoJo's first date), Robby's become a dark horse frontrunner after staying under the radar during the first few weeks. It's pretty freaking unorthodox to admit love for someone you've spent a grand tally of about 10 hours with, but it's undeniable that JoJo has a thing for him, and they're pretty cute together.

2. Luke

A low-key but pretty sweet guy, Luke has managed to achieve a good amount of screentime while staying out of the drama, and it's easy to see the way he lights up when he talks about JoJo. They both have crazy physical chemistry, as evidenced by their tendency to lock lips whenever they're around each other, but even the squeaky clean Luke has his own weaknesses. Namely, the guy's pretty jealous — remember when he was devastated after JoJo handed a rose to Wells? No one's perfect though, and the pair's clear magnetism could really be the clincher that keeps them together for good.

3. Jordan

Aaaand, Jordan. He seems like a perfect guy — sweet, thoughtful, loving — and, if I'm totally honest, he simply looks like a The Bachelorette winner. (Look at those eyes!) It seems like JoJo is always thinking of him, and they look intensely natural together in a way that seems totally meant to be. Yes, there are concerns about the way Jordan's treated women in his life in the past (he's admitted to "talking to other girls" in the past while in a relationship), but as long as he's honest about his feelings, he does seem the best bet to clinch the win.

All of this guessing can get stressful, but at the end of the day, it's all about making sure JoJo's happy. And whether she picks one of these three, another wildcard contestant (James Taylor?), or no one at all — I just want this girl to be happy. She's really got a heart of gold.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; majeedekba/Tumblr; giphy (2)