9 Dry Shampoo Hacks You Need To Know For Summer

by Miki Hayes

When I think of miracle beauty products, one of the first that comes to mind is dry shampoo. Besides being amazing for extending the time you can take between traditional shampoos, there are also a bunch of useful, dry shampoo hacks for the summertime. Although you may already know how handy dry shampoo is for reviving day two or three hair, you may be surprised at all of the non hair-related uses that dry shampoo has.

Since dry shampoo does have so many uses, one of the best parts about this beauty saver, is that it's easy to use and easy to find. But even if you're more into natural beauty products or just enjoy a good DIY, making your own dry shampoo is also super simple. And trust me, once you've incorporated it into your daily routine, whether it's just to give your hair a boost of freshness and volume, or to address one of the common, summer issues below, you'll never go back. So whether you have a brand favorite or prefer to DIY your own dry shampoo, make sure to keep a travel bottle in your purse to tackle these nine other uses for that dry shampoo that will help you get through the summer months more easily.

1. Quick Root Touch-Up

The summer sun and dyed hair don't exactly get along. So if you don't have time to touch up your roots, or are just prolonging it a bit during the hotter months, a little spritz of dry shampoo can help conceal them. Regular dry shampoos should work for most blondes, while brunettes will want to reach for a darker tinted spray. If you DIY your own dry shampoo, add a bit of cocoa powder or cinnamon to help darken your batch.

2. Boost Beachy Waves

Give your beachy waves a boost with a shot of dry shampoo. Spritzing dry shampoo through your locks after you've finished styling will give your hair some extra volume and texture for a totally effortless look.

3. Prevent Sticky Bangs

Here's a good one for those rocking bangs: If your forehead tends to get a little sweaty, spray the underside of your bangs with dry shampoo so they won't become oily and stick to your face.

4. Treat Oil Stains

Who knew dry shampoo could even help with the laundry? Just like it helps absorb the oil from your hair, if you have an oil stain on your clothes from a picnic or cookout, dry shampoo can help sop up some of the excess. Just hit the stain with colorless dry shampoo before throwing your clothes in the wash. It'll be like the stain never happened.

5. Kill Shoe Odor

In a pinch, dry shampoo can also help control the smell of your shoes. If you had a sweaty day, spritz some dry shampoo in your shoes and leave them overnight. It will help absorb some of that excess sweat and body oils to make your shoes smell fresh again, come morning.

6. Style Overnight

Create effortless texture and help sop up a little extra oil by spritzing your hair with dry shampoo before you go to bed. Intensify that purposefully messy-yet-voluminous look by loosely braiding your hair as well before you sleep.

7. Create A Better Grip

If your hands or feet become a little too sweaty during an outdoor yoga sesh, spray some dry shampoo on them and rub it in. It will instantly keep you from sliding all over your mat.

8. Give Hair Extra Hold

If your hair is a little too slick, or your hair accessories don't hold as well as they should, add some dry shampoo. Spraying your locks before you style a braid, bun, or twist, will help lock your style into place so your strands don't slip out. If you want your bobby pins or headbands to have some extra gripping power as well, give them a shot of the good stuff before placing them on or in your hair.

9. Control Perspiration

Foresee spending some serious time in the sun? Bustle editor, Sara Tan, suggests bringing along some dry shampoo and using it to help keep yourself dry. Spritz some wherever you may need a little help keeping perspiration in check like your chest or back.

Dry shampoo is truly a summer beauty staple.

Images: Miki Hayes (3); kaboompics, katyalison, skeeze, xusenru, Unsplash, Counselling, Unsplash/Pixabay