Are The Flowers Inside Kailijumei Lipsticks Real?

If you want to create a product that beauty lovers will go crazy for, all you have to do is combine flowers and lipstick, apparently. Because people really can’t seem to get enough of this clear lipstick that has a flower inside. But, is the flower inside Kailijumei lipstick real? If you’re looking to have your very own Beauty and the Beast-style Enchanted Rose type of moment, you’re in luck.

According to the Kailijumei website, the flowers inside of their clear jelly lipsticks are actual flowers that have been dried in paste and placed inside lipstick tubes. So, if that won’t have you feeling like Belle, I don’t know what will! The flowers come in four different shades, including bright red, orange and hot pink. So, pick the flower that suits you best because the lipsticks are all clear (with a pink color payoff) no matter which one you choose.

While the brand has a feeling you’re going to want to display this on your vanity rather than use it too often, they do say that you can remove the flower as you use the lipstick. It’s good to know that even once the lippie is gone, you’ll still have a keepsake, especially since these are so hard to purchase. Unlike Belle, you don't have to worry about the petals falling off! So, that little dried flower can stay on your counter until you're able to get your hands on the next tube of these incredibly cool lip stains.

The brand really does have a point. These are almost too pretty to use.

But at least you can just take out the flower if you do want to use the whole thing.

Now, all you have to do is pick which flower you like best.

And then wait for the next restock.

Because really, you need this in your life.

Image: Kailijumei/Instagram, Giphy (1)