Is Vanessa Watching Tiffany On ‘Big Brother 18’? This Former Houseguest Wouldn’t Miss It

When it comes to most sister pairs, there isn’t much that can come between them — not even spending an entire summer locked up in the Big Brother house. So, even though Tiffany Rousso is tucked away in the Big Brother house for over 90 days, it doesn’t mean that her sister isn’t still rooting her on from afar. But is Vanessa watching Tiffany on Big Brother 18? As a former houseguest from Season 17, Vanessa Rousso has a lot of reasons to be tuning in this season — but with her sister in the house, she has even more than just the usual game to keep up with. For this former contestant, having a sibling in the game makes anything other than tuning in a non-option.

One look at Vanessa’s Twitter feed, and you’ll find tons of tweets about her sister’s status in the house, and just how many hours she spent tuned in to the live feeds. So, if for a second you were concerned that Vanessa might not be watching her sister Tiffany on this season of Big Brother, you have nothing to worried about.

Like I said, nothing can come between sisters, especially sisters who have both spent time in the Big Brother house. Instead of staying mum on the topic of her sister and her gameplay, Vanessa has been vocal about rooting for her sister on social media. Posting tweets about how she can’t wait to watch Big Brother or how she is so proud of how her sister is playing the game, Vanessa Rousso has become one of her sister’s biggest cheerleaders.

Of course, it will be a while before Tiffany will know just how much her sister rooted for her while she was in the Big Brother house (no social media allowed while the show is filming!) but it’s still no surprise to see that she is. With an entire summer of twists, challenges, and expecting the unexpected, the one thing you can expect is for Vanessa to be watching Big Brother every week and cheering her sister on in the process.

Image: CBS