How Long Will The ‘Big Brother 18’ Houseguests Play On Teams? This Is One Twist That Can't Last Forever

Leave it to Big Brother to throw the unexpected into an already tough game to play. I guess that’s the motto that of the game: Expect the unexpected. Still, I don’t think anyone expected the twists in this season of Big Brother to include something that has never been done before. When it was announced during Wednesday night’s premiere that the game would be played in teams, it’s safe to say that not a single person — both in the house and at home — was expecting that. But, as I started to recover from the absolute shock of this news (and my mind started unwinding from all the thoughts of how this would affect the game), I started to seriously wonder: How long will the Big Brother 18 houseguests play on teams? Because it’s not something that the show can hold on to forever. For a game that, eventually, comes down to one player against another, it would be pretty impossible for the teams to stick around until the end.

So how long will the teams be apart of Big Brother 18? Without any official word on the length of this twist from the show, the only thing I can do is some quick math to make sense of this its longevity. If the show started off with four teams of four and one person has already been evicted (sorry, Glenn), then, by my calculations, the shortest time the twist could last would be three weeks. If Glenn’s team continues to lose players, then the team would be null and void within three weeks. But, if elimination is distributed more evenly throughout the teams or Big Brother decides to rearrange the teams as the season progresses, this is one twist that could last a while.

Eventually, though, the game will have to go back to individuals, because it’s not really possible for Big Brother to be a team sport until the very end. Unless, of course, they switch up the teams as more and more houseguests leave. They could even change the number of players on each of the teams to accommodate the shrinking house size! That said, I still think this is unlikely. What’s more likely is this twist only lasting a few weeks, just like so many of the twists that have come before.

I’m hanging my hat on the fact that as the number of houseguests still in the Big Brother house gets small enough, the game will go back to an individual one. And that, my friends, is where it is bound to get interesting.

Image: CBS (2)