How To Fix A Broken Acrylic Nail At Home

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There are few times during a person's day when they get to focus solely on themselves. For many, that moment is their manicure, but what happens when a nail breaks? I've got the down low on how to fix a broken acrylic nail at home so you can keep your money for you next mani. After all, why head to your local nail salon when you can do an at-home fix for a fraction of the time and cost?

Breaking an acrylic nail is probably one of the worst moments of pain a beauty-lover can experience. Whether it's the emotional turmoil of destroying your perfect, freshly done tips or the actual physical pain of the crack itself, breaking an acrylic nail at home is kind of the worst. Thankfully, though, there are tips and tricks out there to help you save your gorgeous nails until your next time at the salon. Whether your nail is cracking at the tip or has a chip in the side, you can definitely make it work temporarily.

Obviously, if you have acrylic nails, you know that the upkeep can get rather extensive and expensive. From fill-ins to repainting them, maintenance is key. It's the in between moments that get you. Knowing how to fix a broken acrylic nail at home is the perfect trick to save some cash, some time, and your gorgeous mani.

So how do you do it?

1. Grab A Tea Bag And Place It Over The Crack

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In order to cover a crack in your nail, you'll need a material to seal it up. A tea bag is the perfect at-home material to get the job done. Cut it to size so that it sits over the crack and covers the unfortunate mishap.

2. Snag Some Glue And Secure The Tea Bag

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Remove the teabag and add a dot of glue to the paper. Gently, place it over the crack and smooth until dry.

3. File Until Even

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Once dry, file down the quick repair until even.

Once done, you've got a temporary fix for a cracked nail that will definitely carry over until you next mani! It's by no mean's perfect, but hey, it'll get you there.

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