Luann de Lesseps Won't Apologize To Carole Radziwill On 'Real Housewives Of New York' & This Friendship Seems Over

Oh Mylanta, if I have to hear Luann complain about how she’s been wronged one more time… Last season on Real Housewives Of New York, Luann said some pretty hurtful things about Carole being a pedophile because she’s dating a much younger man. Carole was offended, obviously, because I would be, too, especially be Luann dates younger men, and Carole swore off Luann IRL as well as filming. For some reason, Luann thinks that she doesn't have to apologize to Carole and all will go back to normal. I’m thinking that this Real Housewives Of New York friendship is definitely over.

Ramona and, well, basically everyone on the show has said to Luann, “Just apologize already!” Luann thinks, though, that the half-assed apology text that she sent in the Berkshires made up for a season of judging Carole for her choices, and she refuses to say anything more about it. Luann basically thinks its Carole’s problem now, and I don’t know how she can’t see that she’s in the wrong here. Luann said some hurtful things, and she refuses to truly say she’s sorry to Carole! Carole won’t have anything to do with her, so it’s not only ruining filming of the show, but it’s also ruining the group. It’s worth noting that Carole and Adam, her boyfriend, are still together, so how could she forgive that?


When Ramona confronted Luann again about the whole ordeal, Luann basically said that she can’t be bothered to accept Carole if Carole can’t get over it. Like, what? I really dislike people who can’t own up to their actions. It’s immature at best, and it’s hypocritical, too. It’s not brave to walk away from a situation with your hands up — it’s brave to apologize and admit that you made a mistake.

Images: Matthew Eiseman/Bravo; Giphy