These 'Bach' Guys Will Def Make It To Hometowns

And then there were six. Hometown dates on The Bachelorette are right around the corner and JoJo has narrowed it down to her top six. That means that she will be cutting two more from the team during the next episode and then it’s off to Chico, California (because obviously Jordan Rodgers will get a hometown date). I’ve decided to take a stab at who I think she will pick for her top four based off her chemistry with the guys thus far. I should preface this by saying, I did not read Reality Steve, so there are no spoilers here, just my educated guesses.

On the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, JoJo had a really tough time trying to decide whether she wanted to send James or Alex home and ultimately decided to bend the rules by keeping them both. I still don’t understand how she wanted to keep Alex, but sent home Wells, who was obviously the best guy there. Whatever, JoJo. She also sent home Derek (aka. Jim Halpert) on the dreaded two-on-one date. That leaves Jordan, Chase, Luke, Robby, James, and Alex.

Alex is a pretty big drama queen, so I’m going to say that he’s not getting a rose next week. She also doesn't seem to have a connection with him. My second guess is that poor James T. is also going home. He made a grave mistake calling out Jordan last week. You never put the favorite on blast. It always backfires. Sorry, James.

With those two getting the boot, that leaves us with the following four men who will be taking her home to meet mom and dad.

1. Jordan

I think we’re all in agreement that Jordan will probably win the whole thing. It’s very clear that he’s her number one pick, so he’s obviously making it to the top four. Their connection was instant and hasn’t slowed down since then. I think the only thing that would stop him from advancing is if we found out he had a wife at home or something insane like that. Either way, this one was easy. I think the bigger question here is whether or not we will be seeing Aaron Rodgers on the show or not.

2. Luke

Luke seems like another obvious choice to me. They’ve also had a very strong connection throughout the series. Plus, he lives in Texas. I feel like that’s a very big selling point for JoJo considering she lives in Dallas and would not have to uproot her life. Plus, have you seen these two make out? She’s not going to let that go before fantasy suites.

3. Robby

I don’t personally love Robby and I don't know if it was those rumors that he may have a girlfriend back home (Robby denied this on the show) or if it was dropping the L-bomb too soon, but I’m guessing he makes it. He’s handsome and seems charming enough to stay. You can tell JoJo likes him, even though I’m not sure how much. His beard is pretty nice though.

4. Chase

Guys, I still don’t even know who chase is, but Alex and James will go home, which will leave Chase to the hometown date. He’s cute and that’s all I really know about him. She obviously liked him more than Derek, but we haven’t seen too much Chase. Maybe my tune will change after hometowns.

Also is it just me, or does JoJo seem to have a type?

Images: ABC/Veronica Gambini (3); ABC/Craig Sjodin (2)