These U.S. Cities Are PDA-Friendly

Since July 6 is International Kissing Day, it’s time to focus on all things kiss-related. Kissing is, for lack of a more interesting word, phenomenal. Well, that is if you’re fortunate enough to score someone who kisses the same way you do. But even if they don’t, you can always lead the way and get them on the same page with a quick kissing lesson or two.

In honor of the big day, dating site Match scoured their database to find out how people feeling about kissing in public, kissing on first dates, kissing coworkers, and the art of kissing in general. When it came to places where people are more likely to kiss in public, both the Northeast and the West coast tied at 56 percent. In regards to who likes to kiss in public, the study found that men are 117 percent more likely to be comfortable PDA than women. No matter where you prefer to kiss, the point is you should be kissing. Not only does it feel amazing, but kissing is great for your health, too.

But back to those who like to get their smooch on in public, here’s where you want to go to find your fellow PDA fans.

3. Chicago

Although the winters are fierce and the summer makes even your shins sweat, for people in Chicago, that’s not a problem. According to Match, 62 percent of people in this city are completely comfortable with kissing in public.

2. San Diego

Coming in second place, at 64 percent, is San Diego. Although I’m surprised that, of all the possible California cities, San Francisco isn’t on the list, it’s nice to see that Southern Californians aren’t afraid to pucker up while out on the town.

1. Dallas

While Dallas may be conservative in many ways, where they’re not conservative is with their PDA. According to Match’s findings, 68 percent of people in Dallas are all for kissing in public.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy (3)