The Lingerie Industry Had Its Own Oscars This Week… Seriously

You may think you know everything about awards season, but here's a fashion industry secret: There's an Oscars-esque awards ceremony for the lingerie industry. The Femmy Awards took place this past weekend to celebrate lingerie designers and brands, and though the ceremony's winners may not have gained as much attention as Best Actor Matthew McConaughey and Best Actress Cate Blanchett, the recipients appeared to be just as excited.

Like other industry awards shows, the Femmys distribute accolades based on success in and contributions to the business — with the only difference being that the "business" is intimate apparel. Awards are doled out for Lifetime Achievement, Innovation, and Manufacturer of the Year to recipients. Though you may not recognize their names, these are the designers and brands who are responsible for that lucky pair of skivvies, or the incredibly comfy pajamas you live in during the winter. Jockey International was a notable honoree this year, and past recipients have included top labels like Cosabella, Frederick's of Hollywood, and Elle Macpherson.

Though the Femmys may not seem as relevant as other fashion industry events, the gala is in fact a charitable event which makes significant contributions to the fashion industry and future designers. The gala is spearheaded by the Underfashion Club, which seeks to keep the intimates industry going strong by teaching future industry leaders, providing scholarships to those who wish to break into the industry, and recognizing those who have had success in intimate apparel. The club's motto, "Education Today for a Better Industry Tomorrow", echoes the CFDA's objective of identifying, training, and encouraging young talent for maximum industry productivity.

Though the gala wasn't quite as star-studded and glitzy as the Oscars, and the only designers being name dropped were Elle Macpherson and Maidenform, we'll cheer on anyone who celebrates fashion education and designs a fabulously comfortable set of lingerie.