How To Wear Kylie's Lip Liners & Glosses Together

Now that Kylie Jenner has officially made it easier to shop her amazing lip products, you’re likely going to be stocking up on the shades you hadn’t been able to acquire. So, you definitely need to know how to pair Kylie Jenner’s lip liners with glosses so you can get the perfect lip look.

Not only are these liners super versatile, some of them are also already being sold separately. That means, you can shop for a liner to go with your matte lipstick and get a liner to go with your gloss. You know, just so you don’t run out. Trust me, when it comes to these smooth lip liners, the more you have on hand, the better.

The Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account is proving just how easy these babies are to mix and match. They posted lip liner and lip gloss combo suggestions that showcase just how easy it is to wear practically any of these shades together. If you’re hoping to wear a Jenner-made lip product everyday of the week without getting repetitive, well, you definitely can! So, if you don’t already own these shades, get to shopping. Then, once all of the liners are available individually (fingers crossed that happens in the near future!) get ready to rack up on even more. Because the lippie-wearing power is real here, you guys.

There's a whole world of possibilities for your pout.

With so many products in a similar color palette, no wonder it's super easy to interchange these lippies and liners.

Pairing Exposed and So Cute together will give you a very subtle nude lip look that'll go great with just about anything.

You can even wear the liners with the metallic glosses for even more of a standout look!

Mix 'n match these nudes any way you please. Because really, there's no going wrong with any of these incredible combos.

You may not have realized it before, but you should definitely see it now. These liners being sold individually was the greatest thing to happen to Kylie Cosmetics so far.

This only gets me more excited for whatever else is in store for this growing company! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some lip parings to create.

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)