The One Body Scrub You Need This Summer Is Straight From The Sea — PHOTO

Lush Cosmetics is known for their incredible, natural products and commitment to the environment. While their mission is equally as important, their products are their true selling point, and the one body scrub you need this summer also happens to be one of their staples. The Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser is going to be your holy grail cleanser this summer, and you've got to get your hands on it ASAP.

Until last week, I had never purchased a Lush product. While it's hard to walk through a mall and not see — and smell — the incredible stores, I'd never ventured inside of one. Flash forward, and I'd found my holy grail product for the summer months and probably far past that. So what makes the Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser the perfect product for summer? It's the perfect combination of benefits, ingredients, and effectiveness.

The Lush Ocean Salt Cleanser is made from sea salt, lime extracted from vodka, seaweed, coconut, and avocado. Basically, the ingredient alone scream summer. With sea salt to exfoliate, coconut and avocado to moisturize, and lime and vodka for brightened skin, it's easily one of the brand's most perfect picks for summer. Not to mention, it's totally suitable for all skin types, so what's not to love?

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub 8.8 fl. oz, $36.95, LUSH

While Ocean Salt is the scrub you've been looking for, its the messages behind Lush Cosmetics and their brand that make it worth a purchase. Back in 2014, the ethical company removed all traces of Mica from their products after they were unable to guarantee that no child labor was involved.

In 2015, the brand partnered with All Out, an organization which supports LGBT rights, to create Love Soap, a product designed to spread awareness, and the product's revenue went to assisting the LGBT community. Basically, the brand not only produces ethically crafted, vegetarian products but also branches out to extend their philanthropic reach.

So if you've been looking to take the plunge into Lush, the Ocean Salt Face and Body Cleanser is the one scrub you need this summer. From yummy seasonally appropriate ingredients, incredible benefits, and an ethical company, it's got everything you need to make your skin and soul happy.

Images: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash; lushcosmetics/Instagram