18 Gifs That Will Make You Say, 'Me Before Coffee'

I don't know about you, but personally, I'm not the easiest person to be around before I've had my morning cup of joe. In fact, the longer I go without coffee in the morning, the scarier I become. (Seriously, I don't even like being around me before coffee.) I've been this way since I started drinking coffee daily as a college freshman, (18 credit semesters + two jobs = all the coffee) and I don't think I'll be giving up my morning coffee habit anytime soon. If you can relate, then you'll probably be thrilled that I've compiled a bunch of gifs that will make you say, "me before coffee." (I have the coolest job in the world — #blessed, am I right?)

If you're not a coffee-drinker, then you may not totally understand the sweet, sweet relief that first cup of morning coffee brings all of us addicts, but you should still scroll on. Chances are, you've been around a coffee addict before they've had they're morning fix — and I'm guessing it wasn't pretty. If you've miraculously been spared from the infamous pre-coffee wrath that most of us coffee-lovers are famous for, then just think of the following gifs as a PSA of sorts. If, however, you (like me) drink coffee like a Gilmore girl, then the following gifs will be all too relatable.

Here are 18 gifs that will make you say, "me before coffee."

1. Me When I Know Hot Coffee Is Just Minutes Away

Because no matter how weird last night got, or how upsetting it is to be awoken from dreams of a bare-chested Alexandar Skaarsgard, a nice cup of coffee is always something to get excited about.

2. Me While I'm Grinding My Coffee Beans

There's just nothing quite like the smell of freshly-ground coffee beans. Plus, the whole coffee-prep ritual is half the fun of being a coffee drinker.

3. Me While I'm Waiting For My Coffee To Brew

It's time for me to retreat to the comfort of my happy place until this is over. Whatever you do, don't try to follow me.

4. Me When I'm Visiting Friends Who Don't Keep Coffee In Their House

Why do you hate me? Just WHY.

5. Me When I Run Out Of Coffee And Forget About It Until The Next Morning

Curse my forgetful ways! Now I have to do things sans caffeine that I don't always like doing with caffeine, like driving and talking to people, just to get my morning jolt. Argh!

6. Me When I'm Forced To Be Social Before That First Cup

Please, please do all of the talking here. My silence is for your benefit, I swear.

7. Me While I'm Waiting On My Coffee To Reach A Drinkable Temperature

Because waiting sucks, but coffee-induced mouth burns suck more.

8. Me When My Overnight Guests Are Also Coffee Addicts, So They Don't Try To Talk To Me Before Coffee

I think I'm in love.

9. Me When Someone Surprises Me With A Cup Of Coffee From My Favorite Coffee Shop

Now I know what to name my firstborn if I ever have kids. Thank you, you angelic human, you.

10. Me When I Wake Up To The Smell Of Freshly-Brewed Coffee

Best. Day. Ever.

11. Me Before Coffee When I'm Hungover AF

To be honest, you probably shouldn't even look in my direction right now.

12. Me When All I Have Left In My Pantry Is Crappy Back-Up Coffee

I mean, it's better than nothing — but just barely.

13. Me When That First Cup Is Too Weak, So I Have To Start All Over

Damn it to hell.

14. Me When I Shower Before I've Had Coffee

Can I just stay in here all day? Do I really need to wash my hair right now? Should I honestly be wielding a razor blade while uncaffeinated?

15. Me When I Try To Read Or Write Before Coffee

What can I say? Functioning at all pre-coffee is hard enough, but actively using my brain without the helping hand of a nice, dark roast? Forget about it.

16. Me When My Phone Rings Before I've Had My Morning Coffee

This is why voicemail is a thing. #sorrynotsorry

17. Me When The Guy Who Ordered Coffee After I Did Gets His First


18. Me When I'm About To Take My First Sip

Rejoice! The beans have been ground, the cream and sugar have been added, the cooling period has passed, and the wait is finally over. Soon, I will become an unstoppable force of caffeinated awesomeness. Yay me! Productivity, joy, and incessant fidgeting, here I come.

Images: Warner Bros; Giphy/(17)