What Do The 2016 USA Olympic Costumes Look Like?

The Rio 2016 Olympics, is less than one month away people! No matter whether you're watching the events at home or in Brazil, you'll probably want to get dressed up in some patriotic threads and what could be better than the 2016 USA Olympic Costumes? Made in the USA, these Ralph Lauren Team USA official Olympic Games parade uniforms, are really something. Since 2008, Ralph Lauren has been making Team USA's Olympic Costumes and they just seem to be getting better and better with each event. But really, how could we expect anything less from such a renowned fashion house?

Of course, the costumes are red, white, and blue and they take preppy chic to a whole new level – Blair Waldorf ain't got nothing on these garments! It appears every effort has gone into all pieces big and small, from the button down Oxford shirts, to the pristine white shorts. Attention to detail is a big player in the costumes; the stunning boating shoes, made by Rancourt & Company are sewn by hand and feature nonslip soles developed for the Olympics and Paralympics. It's easy to see just how much heart and soul has been poured into every stitch – even the awesome Parade Uniform Bracelets take three hours to make by hand.

Arguably, the best part is that the costumes are available to buy online, so you can really get into the spirit of the Olympics. When it comes to extremely high quality products created by one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, you'd expect an astronomical price tag, right? Well, you may be surprised at how reasonable these commemorative pieces are.

Team USA Ceremony Oxford Shirt, $145,

Take the women's Oxford shirt for instance, which IMO, is a steal at $145. Sure, you probably wouldn't pay that for a regular shirt, but this is no ordinary shirt folks! Bonus: It comes in red, white, or blue so you can choose your favorite color.

Team USA Ceremony Striped Tee, $79.50,

If you prefer to look a little more casual, you can always opt for this preppy, striped tee that comes complete with Ralph Lauren's signature pony emblem in red.

Team USA Ceremony Striped Belt, $98,

Alternatively, you can add a hint of Ralph Lauren luxe to any ensemble with a patriotic accessory like this belt.

The USA Olympians and Paralympians are sure to stand out during this incredible sporting event. The question is: Will you?

Images: Ralph Lauren/YouTube (1); Courtesy Ralph Lauren (3)