ABH Has A Sweet, Glowy Surprise For Fans

Highlighters are having a moment. Actually, 2016 seems to be the year of the on fleek highlight. No brand seems to be having quite the success of Anastasia Beverly Hills who announced their Sweets Glow Kit on Wednesday. So when does the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit come out? The latest product from the brand will be hitting internet shelves way sooner than you'd imagine.

The new Anastasia Beverly Hills Sweets Glow Kit comes out on July 7. Considering that the brand announced the kit on Wednesday for a Thursday launch, they certainly know how to build anticipation and give fans what they're seeking. After all, the Glow Kits are one of the brand's most successful and highly-praised products.

One look at the new product, and it's easy to see why the brand went with the Sweets moniker and why it's bound to be one of their best sellers. With pink, peach, white, and golden tones, the quad of highlighters evoke different candies, and according to PopSugar, the names of the new highlights are equally as candy-centric. Marshmallow, Sassy Grape, Butterscotch, and Taffy are the four shades found in the new kit, and sweet is definitely the way I'd describe each shade.

The candy-themed kit is a perfect compliment to the brand's three, already existing products. With Sun Dipped's bronzy approach to glow, Gleam's peach and pink hues, and That Glow's traditional approach to highlight, Sweets is a real departure for the brands and shows just how versatile highlights can be. In fact, its the glow kits' versatility for all skin tones that make them unique to begin with.

While many times brands tease launches weeks in advance, Anastasia Beverly Hill's decision to release the Sweets Glow Kit the day after its announcement shows a true commitment to their customer. Sure, anticipation isn't built quite as much, but with products are popular as the Glow Kits, is there really a need?

So if you've been on ABH's Instagram account and wondered when the new Anastasia Beverly Hill's Sweets Glow Kit is coming out, you now have your answer.

Mark your calendars because the latest quad glow kit hits shelves on Thursday.

Images: Anastasia Beverly Hills/Instagram