11 Awful Fashion Moments You Loved On 'Sex & The City' — PHOTOS

If Sex And The City wasn't known for its puns and man troubles, then it was known for its in-your-face fashion: Fashion that oftentimes left viewers at home giggling over the bold and questionable sartorial moves. Because of this, there are plenty of awful fashion moments on Sex And The City that you probably loved, whether you thought they were so bad they were good, or just admired the avant garde choices.

And there were plenty of them. It seemed like the clothes were just as much a part of the plot as the women were, entertaining us in every scene with quirky combos and designer flashes. From bedazzled bandanas to clashing prints, each of the ladies on the program stepped onto Manhattan's sidewalks wearing something downright outrageous at least once or twice.

That's why so many people loved the style, though. It was something different. It didn't color neatly behind the lines or follow the usual formulas that would avoid stares. SATC welcomed the question marks. Questions like, "What were you thinking?" were met with coy smiles and a flippant toss of hair, showing us at home that fashion was meant to be played with. The clothes were creative and crazy and — when done right — could even make a new statement. Below are 11 awful fashion moments from SATC that you couldn't help but adore.

1. Samantha's Barbie-Inspired Two-Piece

Hand over my heart, my doll used to have this exact same outfit when I was little. I remember because at one point I lost it in the black hole that was my closet, and was heartbroken. Apparently, Samantha Jones got her hands on it instead, and wore it out for Cosmos with the girls. Which now leads me to believe I can recreate all my Barbie looks from childhood.

2. Samantha's Take On Barbecue-Wear

To be fair, I guess barbecues can illicit images of gingham and picnic-checkered prints, but this whole milkmaid look had a Halloween costume feel to it. Which I kind of dug.

3. Mario Brother Chic

Most of us might be like, "Miranda, stahp. Stahp it right now." But days off are meant for shlubby clothes, and bounding down Manhattan's streets in a Mario Brothers-esque set of overalls and a puffy jacket makes for the perfect off-duty attire. Anyway, ugly-chic is so in right now.

4. The Floating Belt

Are there even sufficient words for this? Carrie was progressive when it came to style, but this was a whole other level that no one was prepared for. Although we might agree that this was universally bad, we still have to tip our hats to the inventiveness of that layering.

5. This Layering

Shrunken sweaters were the crème de la crème of naughties fashion, and this look perfectly summed up how painful those years were. Cropped cardis hastily buttoned over slip-like tunics, which were then popped over baggy jeans and accessorized with silk headbands? We beg for mercy, while simultaneously swooning over that nostalgia.

6. The Reign Of The Pointy Shoe

Samantha was always a hot tamale, and I can't find any fault in her sex positive fashion. But... those shoes. Those pointy, patchwork shoes haunt my nightmares. And so perfectly reflect my club-wear from my early 20s that I can't help but laugh.

7. Samantha Jones' Bandana

Samantha didn't let chemotherapy slow down her sartorial game, as seen with this dizzying amount of accessorizing. From bedazzled bandanas to statement earrings that had a vague pray mantis feel to them, many of us wanted to throw the Red Card at Jones' play. Which only made it all the more fabulous. I have to appreciate a woman who doesn't mind dabbling with the outrageous.

8. Carrie's Pearl Overload

This is what it looks like when you buy all the jewelry in a costume shop in one afternoon. There's no better way to detract the attention away from your bra straps than with a fistful of pearls around your neck, and Carrie taught us that a casual halter top could be just as glamorous as a little black dress.

9. Miranda's Kurt Cobain Glasses

When Kurt Cobain did it, he looked edgy and grunge. When Miranda did it, you wanted to slap the hot dog out of her hand. But that's what subversive fashion is all about, right? She got it.

10. Carrie's Avril Lavigne Moment

Look at all that sass. From the hip-shot stance to the hat and undone tie, all Bradshaw was missing was a couple of jelly bracelets and Converse kicks.

11. That Time Carrie Got Attacked By A Scrunchie

This is exactly what it looks like: A giant scrunchie fell out of the heavens and hit Carrie like a mark in a carnival game. There was nothing left to do but work it.

No matter how tragic all of these outfits were, you have to admit that the SATC characters worked them. They had fun with their looks; and at the end of the day, that's what fashion is there for.

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