How Are Charlotte & Rollins Connected To The Amish Farm On 'Pretty Little Liars'? This Location Could Be Important

While it's certainly true that Elliott Rollins' unexpected death on Pretty Little Liars served as a definite shock to the system, it wasn't the only twist the episode threw our way by the end of the hour. In fact, it introduced a ton of new questions regarding how Charlotte and Rollins are connected to the Amish farm Aria and Hanna visited. Throughout their time there, they learned that not only did Charlotte go there quite often with Rollins prior to her death, but she also developed a close bond with a little girl who lived there and gave her very Liar-like looking dolls to play with. Could this mean that either Charlotte or Rollins are related to the amish girl in some way?

Chances are this farm immediately made you think of the Campbell Farm that we know Charlotte, Jason, and Alison had frequented with their mom when they were younger. It can't be a coincidence that the two places look so similar, which means there has to be a connection and serve as a link to either Charlotte's past or Rollins'. Considering what Toby discovered in the police database, Elliott Rollins is a stolen identity, which means we know even less about Rollins than we originally thought we did. Could this farm be where he's originally from?

The hosts of Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, also have some thoughts on how the farm fits into the storyline, which you can listen to below.

The little girl showed Aria and Hanna her secret doll collection that Charlotte had given her, telling them that Alison was her favorite since she looked so much like Charlotte. Sure, this has a definite creepy vibe to it, but it also calls back to when Charlotte would refer to the Liars as her dolls. I always thought she came up with those terms by herself, but what if this faux-Rollins also had something to do with it and they concocted the whole dollhouse fantasy together?

Ever since Rollins revealed his British accent, fans have wondered whether or not this was a clue that Rollins is actually related to Wren Kingston. Maybe much like how Charlotte was taken away from Ali and Jason, it's possible Rollins was separated from Wren early on, which somehow led to Rollins growing up on this amish farm. For all we know, this farm may have even done business with the Campbell farm, which is how Rollins and Charlotte originally met. That could even be what brought Wren to Rosewood in the first place: finding his brother and exacting revenge on those that kept them apart for so long.

And let's not forget the fact that Hanna spotted the cattle prod device that was used to torture her during her kidnapping at the farm. Sure, it's easy to assume Rollins was the one responsible for that, but what if it was someone else at the farm? Someone who's just as invested in finding out who killed Charlotte as Rollins appeared to be... like A.D. maybe?

Obviously, this is all speculation right now, but the point is that something suspicious is going on at that farm. There's a deeper rooted connection there to this new PLL mystery than meets the eye and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the Liars are able to connect the dots and see how it all pieces together. Let's hope so anyway, for all of our sakes.

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