11 Weird Signs Someone Should Be Your Best Friend

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Have you ever turned to look at your best friends and wondered how they got there? I mean literally, you're not sure why you're friends — under what insane circumstance the universe brought you together and how your friendship has lasted as long as it has? You're all sitting on the couch together, all wearing each other's clothes, the same brand face mask, brushing knuckles in the chip bag while you argue over The Bachelorette contestants. You're all rooting for such different people, because you are all different people. You have such different tastes.

And yet somehow, there you are, on that very couch, intertwined and flopped on each other like a litter of puppies, and you love each other so much you understand that extra F in BFF is for real. You thank your lucky stars that whatever brought you all together, did. Because for the life of you, you can't imagine that you'd ever meet again. Some chance was at play.

But if you really think back, to that starting moment, to when you first became best friends, the signs would probably look pretty weird. If you've long since forgotten how these marvelous whack-a-doos have become your friends, I'll give you some clues. These are 11 weird signs someone should be your BFF:

The Same Retro YouTube Videos Kill You

You can watch that hamster video together 40 times before it gets old. You know all the same weird videos that are hiding in the cracks of the internet.

You're Idea Of The Perfect Night In Is The Same

Wearing a facemask and downloading old episodes of The Secret Life of Alex Mack and going to bed before midnight is a dream you both share.

You Make The Same Midnight Snacks

You both make mac and cheese with ketchup. You both like to dip everything in cream cheese. Everything that you think is weird, is in their belly, too.

You Both Know All The Words To The Same Weird Songs

You can sing the entire soundtrack to RENT together and not miss a beat. You don't even fight over which part you're going to sing.

You Both Know Absurd Quotes From Random Movies

All of those D-list quotes from Zoolander that no one else seems to care about, they matter to you two.

You Both Talk To Animals In The Same Voice

It's sort of like a baby meets Gollum kind of thing. Your instincts around other people's pets are the same.

The Same Songs Make You Go Nuts

Oh but that one riff in that Miley song, it never gets old. You both jam out at all the same time, every time.

You Both Love And Hate The Same People

With a passion. The same people rub you the right or wrong way. This means you have a similar judge of character.

You Both Have The Same Text Tone

Your text vibes are ace. Half the time you're wondering if you should be submitting your conversations to Comedy Central. You just vibe off each other.

Images: Giphy, CBS