Drake & Rihanna Remember A Special Fan With Heartfelt Instagram Tributes


Let's take a moment to set aside those Drake and Rihanna dating rumors and focus on something a bit more significant. Over the weekend, the singers said goodbye to a very special fan. The tributes Drake and Rihanna posted on Instagram are simultaneously heartbreaking, yet heartwarming. On Saturday, Megan Flores lost her battle to cancer. Flores was a dedicated fan and met both artists in March through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, according to E! News. After Drake heard the devastating news, he posted a selfie of Flores on Instagram and wrote,

Drake definitely had a special place in his heart for Flores. He even gave her a shoutout in his album Views, E! reported. In the liner notes, he wrote, "This body of work is dedicated to Megan Flores. I pray for your well being every day." It sounds like they equally impacted one another's lives and it's touching that Drake valued his time with her as much as she did his. People always jokingly give Drizzy a hard time about being in touch with his emotions, but this shows that's not a bad thing at all.

Similarly, after news spread about Flores' death, Rihanna posted an Instagram of herself and Drake with Flores and shared an equally thoughtful caption. The "This Is What You Came For" singer wrote,

RiRi is right — Flores' strength sounds inspiring. It also says a lot that Rihanna mentions she used to message her directly. To me, that shows she genuinely cared about this fan. Although these singers' millions of followers may not have known Flores personally, they can at least hear her story through the Instagram posts and take a moment to remember her.

They may keep quiet when it comes to their own romance, but when it comes to memorializing their fans, Drake and Rihanna don't hesitate to speak out. And ultimately, that's way more important.