The One Beautyblender Hack Kylie Jenner Loves

Kylie Jenner has not been shy about her love of cosmetics. After all, she does have her own line of cosmetics. It's not wonder that the star has picked up a few tips and tricks from makeup artists over the years, and the one Beautyblender hack Kylie Jenner swears by comes from one of those mega-famous makeup artists. Jenner's BeautyBlender hack is from none other than Kardashian favorite artist Mario Dedivanovic.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Jenner's Snapchat became a makeup tutorial featuring how the star herself does her makeup, and she definitely gives credit where credit is due when she calls out some of her favorites like Dedivanovic, Hrush Achemyan, and Patrick Ta for the tricks of the trade that they've taught the star. From using a brown mascara on the bottom lashes to a new blush product, Jenner's makeup artists have definitely worn off on the star, but it's Dedivanovic's technique that's stuck with Jenner.

In the Snapchat story, Jenner can be seen soaking a black Beautyblender sponge under a faucet of water about midway through her routine. According to the star and Dedivanovic, by getting your BeautyBlender wet when setting your face with powder it prevents things from getting cakey. Let's be real, no one wants cake face.

While Jenner's BeautyBlender hack is insanely useful, it's not her only one. In fact, Jenner is well-known for releasing some of her biggest beauty secrets and hack on her app and website. Just recently, the star took to her website to show fans how to get those famous Kylie Jenner brows.

Plus, she also revealed via Twitter recently that the secret to her natural brow is brow tinting. Couple this with her daily makeup routine that's posted on her website, and her rundowns of some of her favorite products, and Jenner is essentially an open book.

So, if you've ever wondered how to get that Kylie Jenner makeup look you love, she'll probably show you. As for your everyday techniques, though, the one BeautyBlender hack Kylie Jenner swears by is going to have you looking like an flawless god or goddess with impeccable — and not cakey — skin.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat