13 Amazing Plus Size Tattooed Babes

by Mariah Carrillo

As a permanent form of adornment, tattoos on plus size individuals can be a unique way for humans to celebrate and reclaim their bodies. Tattoos transform the surface of the figure, often creating a sense of agency and the ability to control an aspect of self-presentation. Ink can be a form of decoration, a political statement, or a personal reminder; sometimes, it can even be all these things at once.

Whether you love the look of just a tiny wisp of delicate script, or you admire the bold appeal of a full, floral chest piece, there are almost endless variations of style, color, and placement to choose from if you want to add a little ink to your life. As a plus size individual myself, I particularly love to see tattoos that have been used to reclaim parts of the wearer's body. From chubby thighs covered with retro Americana, to full bellies traced with intricate line-work, few other forms of personal embellishment seem to have the same impact as a tattoo.

Although the tattoo community has grown substantially over the years, to the point that tattooing has now entered the mainstream, there are still very few sources that focus much on larger tattooed bodies. And yet, there are so many amazing plus size tattooed babes out there rocking the inked life. If you have considered getting a tattoo of your own, but are still feeling hesitant about taking the plunge, check out these 13 gorgeous women who prove that tattoos are for everybody.

1. Cherrymonroe84

While tattoos can function as accessories (albeit permanent ones), it takes a whole other level of commitment to match both hair and outfit with your ink. You can never have too much pink, though.

2. Ucantwearthat

I love the delicate scrolling style of Lucia's line-work. And that top is pure perfection.

3. Ggurbana

Jacqueline's personal tattoo collection is both stunning and extensive. She even has a Miss Piggy tattoo — truly a girl after my own heart.

4. Bombshellrider

Floral motifs are tattoo classics, and what better choice to complement Fawn's iconic retro style?

5. Elidropdead

Another floral stunner, this simple and sweet hand tattoo is no garden variety bloom. Sexy nose and septum piercings add even more edgy loveliness.

6. Frenchfriesandfairytales

Angelique has one of my favorite Disney-themed tattoos of all time. Ink like this almost demands an equally gorgeous manicure.

7. Kellee_love

A full sleeve design takes a lot of time and commitment, but the end result can be so worth it. This Japanese-style design is a real stunner. Dawn really knows how to rock vivid colors, don't you think?

8. Ellecurve

Tattoo imagery can pull from almost any source, but some of my favorite designs are those themed around the natural world. This goldfinch half-sleeve is a gorgeous example.

9. Dvclemente23

While tattoos can incorporate almost any color scheme, bold, color-saturated motifs stand out particularly well. Domitila is a tattoo artist herself, so you can bet the ink she wears will deserve a closer look.

10. Cheshire_suicide

What better way to advertise your geeky inclinations that with a tattoo of your favorite cultural references? Sometimes, it's fun to wear your heart on your sleeve.

11. _Saroreo

I am way too excited about this Hufflepuff tattoo design. That badger is just too adorable.

12. Vicoriia94

Not every tattoo has to be big or bold. Sometimes, a subtle detail is just about right.

13. A_tomic.bomb

I love how the watercolor style of this tattoo softens a traditional skull design. Don't be afraid to mix and match your favorite elements.

Whether you're thinking of trying out a tattoo for the first time, or just adding another design to your collection, there's endless inspiration available to draw from. And, as these gorgeous plus size tattooed divas prove, ink can be as unique and diverse as the bodies it adorns.

Image: Courtesy ellecurve/Instagram (1)