Jordan Talked His Famous Brother On 'Bachelorette'

Well, Bachelor and Bachelorette fans — Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher just had The Bachelorette conversation that we’ve all been waiting for. No, no, not the “I’m in love with you” conversation — though that happened. It’s the “My brother is Aaron Rodgers and OK, fine, we can finally talk about him” conversation! Jordan told JoJo (and us, by osmosis) all of the details about his family, how he and his brother aren’t close, and why Aaron being Aaron doesn’t define who Jordan is as a person. For once, I absolutely agree with Jordan.

Jordan was really diplomatic about the whole thing — he talked about how close he was with his family and that Aaron wasn’t and that’s the choice that Aaron made, and he’s under a lot of pressure and all that, yadda yadda. I think it’s crappy not to talk to your family, but hey — it’s not my family, and this is just Jordan's version of events anyway. Who knows what the real deal is between Aaron and his fam, but Jordan also talked a little bit about how he used to measure himself by his brother, and that’s so understandable — they both played football, and one of them is markedly better than the other. Eventually, Jordan says he realized that he couldn’t define himself by his brother, and he’s right. Aaron and Jordan are very different people, and Jordan cannot measure himself by Aaron’s yardstick. I mean, Aaron will be a Hall of Fame quarterback, and Jordan just isn’t there.

It must be really hard to be stuck in the shadow of an older sibling (I am the older sibling, so I assume it’s difficult!), but Jordan seemed to have navigated his way through it with grace. It probably took him a long time to get there — he’s been measured by his brother his whole life, and eventually, Jordan learned to break away from the football and figure out who he is in addition to be able to throw a ball.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC