Lyric From 'EJNYC' Has A Surprising Salary

Guys, E!'s new reality series featuring the absolutely fabulous E.J. Johnson is amazing. EJNYC is, to quote the man himself, "the absolute most." Our favorite part of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills has broken out on his own and has gathered a group of his fierce friends to join him. One of these friends is student, philanthropist, and absolute boss, Lyric McHenry. So I'm sure we're all wondering, well, what is Lyric's net worth? To hang with E.J.'s crew, you have to be able to keep up.

These kids can seriously spend money. They are all draped in designer duds, and they live a pretty fabulous existence. Spas and shopping trips are a regular occurrence, and their nights out are probably akin to what we experience once in a lifetime. There's certainly some family money going around, but it also looks like Lyric and Maya especially are making it on their own and making their own paychecks to party with.

Lyric has her hands in a lot of different things, it would appear. She is a very successful scholar at Stanford University and has actually won awards for her academic prowess. Obviously that isn't handing her a paycheck anytime soon, but it is seriously impressive/notable and can only help her to become financially successful. Another part of her life that is certainly worth mentioning is her philanthropy. Again, she's not making a paycheck from it but she's doing amazing work for Artists For A New South Africa, which helps "to improve post-apartheid South African society through combating HIV/AIDS and empowering South African youth."

According to her LinkedIn page, she has been working as an Agent Trainee for Motion Picture Literary at United Talent Agency since about 2015. According to glassdoor.com, this job usually pays around $11 per hour or $22,644 annually. That's definitely more of a down-to-earth salary then is expected for a reality star.

Lyric is also obviously making some money from appearing on EJNYC, but, since it is a pretty new show and she is not featured super prominently as of yet, it's tough to say how much she will be making. Still, she's super impressive and I'm excited to see what she brings to the table this season EJNYC.

Images: Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment