Will *NSYNC Show Up For Lance Bass’ New Show?

by Michelle Lulic

Perhaps the biggest news of the decade: *NSYNC's Lance Bass is going from boy bander to reality TV host, as he gears up to host Logo TV's groundbreaking new gay dating competition show, Finding Prince Charming. The series, set to premiere this fall, will follow 13 gay men as they compete for an exclusive relationship with the "nation's most eligible gay heartthrob." However, while I am wondering whom the Bachelor-like show will choose for its heartthrob, the Lance Bass fan I still am, instead, is desperate to know if some other famous faces from Bass' former band will be making an appearance. In other words: will *NSYNC make an appearance on Finding Prince Charming ?

First of all, if the show is styled in a similar format to shows such as The Bachelor — or even Big Brother — then the chances of celebrity appearances even being possible may, unfortunately, be pretty slim. However, with Lance Bass' connections, I also wouldn't be surprised if he were able to bring a couple of the guys on-board, no matter how busy their schedules are. Because, while all four of the other members of NSYNC have yet to comment on Lance's latest gig, they also have kept fairly close with the LGBTQ advocate over the years. So, while nothing is confirmed, all we have to do is hope they can clear their schedules. And, with filming underway, there's certainly time for them to do so!

So, who is the most likely to appear? Personally, I've got my bets on Joey Fatone. Not only has the former *NSYNC member remained in the spotlight with roles in movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the sci-fi boy band parody, Dead 7, but he's also stayed close to the reality television scene thanks to his announcing position on the hit game show, Family Feud, from 2010-2014. Plus, Lance and Joey's relationship has certainly remained strong over the years.

I certainly won't rule out the others, though. Yeah, the odds of all five of them appearing together are slim — especially considering the fact that the boys reportedly didn't want to be a "spectacle" by showing up all together at Justin Timberlake's wedding — but a few others could feasibly show up.

But, whether they show up or not, Bass' new role does seem like a great next step for the former boy band member. Following the band's split, the *NSYNC alum has worked hard as a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community. After publicly coming out to PEOPLE magazine in 2006, Bass has hosted his own LGBTQ-based entertainment radio show on SiriusXM, Dirty Pop with Lance Bass, and even publicly married his now-husband, Michael Turchin, in the E! special, Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding . And now, well, it looks it's time for him to help others find love as well. And I have a feeling that the other members of *NSYNC won't have to show up to cheer on Lance from the sidelines.

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