11 Reasons To Embrace Your Natural Functions

There are many difficult aspects of being a woman, like childbirth and periods. But one of the most frustrating things of all, IMO, has got to be the fact that society doesn’t really view women’s bodily functions in the same way as men’s. You’ll likely need reasons to embrace your body’s natural functions running on loop in your psyche, just to remind yourself that what you’re doing is natural. After all, women’s bodily functions often seem to flat-out disgust people. At the end of the day, however, we should all stop getting grossed out by bodies so easily.

Take, for instance, pooping. Many social "rules" dictate that women must go to the bathroom discreetly and not discuss anything regarding the topic. Urban legends claim that women don’t poo, or that if they do, it comes out in the form of a glittery kitten or a bed of roses. Women aren't supposed to talk about the time they got rampant diarrhea in a music festival porta-potty, or how surprising the length and breadth of their recent log was.

I’m not by any means saying we need to constantly bring body functions up. There’s obviously a time and a place for these topics of discussion. Rather, I'm saying that if women do want to talk to someone about bodily functions, they should feel free to do so without embarrassment or judgement. All that said, here are some reasons you should embrace your bodily functions now and always.

1. It Feels So Good To Let Out Trapped Gas

Quit holding it in, because it's no good for you anyway. You don't have to suffer with trapped wind. Simply pop to the bathroom and let it out in order to carry on your day in comfort. And if you fart in front of someone? Just remember they pass gas, too.

2. You Can Show Someone How Much They Mean To You By Letting Rip In Their Presence

Remember the start of your long-term relationship, when you tried to disguise your "annoying" habits or bodily functions? Well, now that the honeymoon period is over, you can show them how much they mean to you by cutting the cheese around 'em.

If your relationship is in the early stages, I say the sooner you break wind in front of them, the better. It's bound to happen sooner or later anyway, right? You never know: Aside from finding it hilarious, your partner may even feel flattered by your bold move. If they're repulsed, on the other hand, you now have a better picture of their apparently judgmental character.

3. Being Open About Your Bodily Functions Can Sometimes Foster Closer Relationships

When you share something intimate with another person — such as the mechanics of your bowel movements or your worries about breastfeeding in public — they'll likely bond with you because you've entrusted them with a personal piece of information.

Sure, you might not want to go blurting out your constipation troubles with someone you don't think will handle the topic well or be offended by it, so make sure to judge the situation accordingly.

4. You Can Easily Weed Out Closed-Minded People From Your Life

Want to discover whether someone's on the same wave length as you? Perform or discuss one of your bodily functions in front of them and see what their reaction is. It's a quick and easy way to find out how open (or closed) minded someone actually is.

5. Your Period Blood Is Not Disgusting

Unless you don't get periods because you're taking the oral contraceptive pill, you have a medical condition, or you've started menopause, the lining of your uterus will disintegrate once a month or so, and your vagina will bleed.

In my mind, calling period blood "disgusting" is totally offensive. Sure, it might not be a pretty sight for those who are squeamish, but it's a part of a vagina-owner's reproductive cycle and it's something that cannot be controlled.

IMO, being repulsed by period blood is as crazy as being disgusted by a man's semen during consensual sex: Both fluids exit the genitals and come from our reproductive organs. Why favor one over the other?

6. You Might Enjoy Period Sex

Bustle writer Rachel Sanoff spoke with a variety of women about the reality of having sex on your period and the general consensus was positive, with one woman exclaiming, "The best orgasm I've ever had happened during period sex."

As if that statement wasn't enough, there are health benefits to having sex on your period, too. Sure, it's not for everyone — as one writer discovered when she tried period sex for the first time — but you never know if you don't try.

7. Sweaty People Are Powerful People

For most people, working up a sweat means your body is fighting hard to cool you down. Perhaps you have exerted yourself physically, which suggests you enjoy moving your body and even making it stronger.

That said, some folks suffer with hyperhidrosis — a condition that causes them to sweat much more than the average person. This can be quite uncomfortable to live with and sometimes even debilitating. However, I believe folks living with hyperhidrosis are insanely strong individuals, too. After all, it can be more than tricky to be intimate with people who are not used to the condition, not to mention to complete everyday tasks with as much ease as someone living with dry hands or feet.

At the end of the day, my advice is to let your bod get its sweat on and believe that you are an absolute boss.

8. You Shouldn't Feel Like You Have To Hide Your Humanity

Women are humans, too, so stop feeling embarrassed and show off your humanity already. It's simply not something you should have to hide from others. Many men and masculine individuals fart and burp loudly and proudly, embracing their bodily functions along the way, so why should women have to hide certain aspects that make us human? The answer is: You don't have to.

9. Nobody Should Feel Ashamed Of Their Body

In this day and age, this should go without saying. But if you're struggling with your body image at the moment, you might need to be reminded that nobody and nothing (hello, society) has the right to make you feel ashamed of your body. So if people shame you for your normal bodily functions, turn the situation around and try to help them become more aware of their ignorance.

10. If Women Want Equality, Our Bodily Functions Need To Be Accepted

There are still many areas of life that women are striving for equality within. But how can we expect equality when even our bodily functions are censored or frowned upon? It's time to claim back equality in all arenas — and a super easy way to do this is by embracing your body's natural functions. If you don't embrace them, how can you expect others to? Lead by example instead.

11. Your Bodily Functions Are A Part Of Who You Are

If other people don't get that, they can like it, lump it, or bow out from your life. Your loved ones should either take you warts and all, or be forced to realize that they don't deserve any part of you. It's that simple.

It's time to stop being OTT polite, stop letting society shame us, and quit feeling embarrassed over our bodily functions. We all have bodies, and we should all damn well do what we like with them.

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