'BB18's 8-Pack Is Falling Apart

If you wanna win Big Brother, you've gotta be sitting pretty in a dope alliance within the first couple weeks. Otherwise, you could be one of the first to go. So it's natural, within the first week of the series, to see contestants huddle up into makeshift alliances that are less stable than they are mentally comforting for the group trying to stick around as long as they can. That's the case with the 8-pack, an eight-person Big Brother alliance that was formed almost immediately, containing a healthy mix of returning contestants (all four of them, in fact) and newbies. For a while, things were all nice and under control, until Tiffany was boosted onto the block and all hell broke loose. In the wake of Victor's elimination and the quickly tightening political race within the house, is the 8-pack still working together? Paulie (an unofficial member of the 8-pack, who really should just join the dang alliance instead of doing them countless favors) ensured Victor would be cut in the elimination. Turns out, things did begin to fracture in the wake of that. But things are, shall we say, iffy once again as the Frank takes aim on Tiffany anew, and the members' alliances are put to the test even more so than before. So where do the 8-pack members stand now? There's a lot to keep track of, but I got you.

1. Nicole Franzel

Nicole, after initially raising concerns with Jozea and being promptly ignored, is back to scaring people with her more slithery strategic tactics. Apparently, this whole Tiff drama is really getting to her, and she'll have to learn to keep her cool lest she be booted out.

2. James Huling

Besides possibly getting infiltrated by the Spy Girls via Natalie's growing affections for him, James seems to be sitting pretty. He's managed to play the game so far without registering as a threat on anyone's radar, and that's always a good thing indeed.

3. Frank Eudy

Frank, in many ways, is where we get to the root of the problem. Put off by Tiffany's strong reaction to being put in danger of elimination, Frank decided in Week 2 that his own alliance member should be next to go. He was very vocal about it with the other members of the 8-pack, and, when it got to Da'Vonne, she pulled Tiffany aside to let her know what was up. Of course, as a result, Frank became Tiffany's prime target. Frank remains the only official defector of the 8-pack, now attempting to run the house with the help of Spy Girl Bridgette.

4. Da'Vonne Rogers

I'm going to say it now: Da'Vonne could win this competition. A member of the 8-pack who's loyal without being blindly so, she has inadvertently set herself up against Frank after his gross actions in the house, but is aware of Tiffany's loose canon qualities as well. It looks right now like she's devoting most of her attention to making sure to preserve the Fatal Five, which is now the Fatal Four (herself, Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah). It seems like a good bet, but you can be sure the rest of the gameplay is under her watchful eye. Give her that mastermind edit, CBS.

5. Tiffany Rousso

Tiffany could be in trouble. She's on the outs with much of the 8-pack, and, despite Da'Vonne and the Fatal Five being game to keep her around, she keeps managing to get her head up on the chopping block. Very soon her protectors could tire of keeping her safe.

6. Corey Brooks

I don't actually know if Corey does anything. At least he's safe for now?

7. Michelle Meyer

Michelle is, like James, staying on the down low. (That is, unless she's drunk.) She's not getting much face time on the show, which means most chances of becoming a fan favorite are pretty much gone, but she's on what seems like good terms with both the Fatal Five and the 8-Pack. That could result in her having all the connections it could take to win the game.

8. Zakiyah Everette

Zakiyah is easily one of the most lovable characters in the game. She keeps it real, she loves her girls, and she has a really adorable showmance with Paulie. But it's that very showmance that could spell trouble for the 8-Pack. While Z is here for Day and the girls, she's inevitably a little more here for Paulie — an unofficial member. However, is he unofficial because he has no plans to actually join their forces? It's very possible, and, as long as he has Zakiyah wrapped around his finger, this one's gonna make me sweat. (I trust you though, Z.)

So what does all this shifting mean for the 8-pack? Well, it means the alliance is definitely in some trouble. With Nicole beginning to turn on the 8-pack, Tiff constantly being on the block, and Frank completely out of the picture, the original eightfold solidarity is definitely gone. But that doesn't mean the peripheral members won't just continue to vote with the group. In the end, the 8-pack is most likely on its way out, but that doesn't mean the alliance won't seriously shape the game once again before it's gone for good.

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