ABC Will Start Streaming Their Classic Shows

I don't know if we have the technology for this, but get your childhood self on the phone and tell her that ABC is allowing us to stream My So-Called Life for free, along with 37 other classic shows, and all your wildest dreams have come true. The network made their exciting announcement on Jul. 13, that full seasons of "throwback" shows like Felicity, My So-Called Life, School House Rock, and Ugly Betty will be streaming their way to you starting right now. And not on one of those pay-to-play platforms like Hulu Plus or Netflix or Tidal, either — I'm aware that that last one is just for music, but they've withheld too many albums from me at this point for me to play fair. Instead, ABC will be doing all this streaming on their very own platform, available for free on the App Store.

I know, I know, I was rushing to a calendar to make sure it wasn't my birthday or Christmas or something as well, but this is real life, and it's a gift that's being given to all of us out of the kindness of ABC's heart. (And also probably because they wanted to catch up with CBS, who made this move back in 2014.) But no matter the delay, I couldn't be more excited to gain access to all my favorite shows as an impressionable young teen, as well as some new and upcoming content, like shows starring Modern Family's Ty Burrell and comedian Iliza Shlesinger. It's an embarrassment of riches, and, once you're sitting down, you can find the full list of newly-available past ABC shows below.

8 Simple RulesBenchedBetrayalBody of ProofBrothers & SistersCommander in ChiefDetroitDinosaursDirty Sexy MoneyEllenFelicityFlashForwardHappy TownHope and FaithI Survived A Japanese Game ShowThe Knights of ProsperityLess Than PerfectManhattan Love StoryMixologyMy GenerationMy So-Called LifeThe NeighborsOctober RoadOff the MapOnce Upon a Time in WonderlandPerceptionReaperRed Band SocietyThe RiverSamantha Who?School House RockSecret MillionaireSmart GuySports NightTrophy WifeUgly BettyWhat About Brian?

With this and "Pokemon Go" making an unexpected resurgence, I can't wait to have the exact same conversations of my childhood as an adult — "what's the rarest Pokémon you've caught, and also are you Team Ben or Team Noel and can you believe that haircut?"

Images: ABC; Giphy