Katniss and Finnick Tie the Knot?

Do you want to watch Finnick teach Katniss how to tie a knot? "Why, yes! Yes I do. How did you know?" you ask. "It's a gift," I reply. The deleted scene will be a bonus feature on the Catching Fire DVD, but it’s on the Internet now. Why’d it get cut? My guess is that the vibes between the characters of Finnick (Sam Claflin) and Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) are too palpable.

At first, I assumed this scene was axed because Finnick’s aggressive flirting technique at the top is off-putting (don't invade someone's personal space like that, dude. Also? Don't sneak up on on someone who's about to compete in the Hunger Games. Everyone's too on edge for that shit). BUT THEN, he apologizes, and the scene’s mood shifts entirely. And for the remainder of the clip, the sexual chemistry between the two tributes is off the charts.

Perhaps after watching this, the studio was like, “Katniss has enough to worry about. Let’s not complicate things even more by turning her love triangle into a square. DROP THIS SCENE.”

In the scene, Finnick shows her how to tie “the best knot to know the arena.” No, this isn’t a bizarre euphemism. He literally ties a knot, and they maintain intense eye contact while he works. He laughs and tells her to not look at him, but to look at the rope. Katniss almost smiles at this. He makes a noose, puts it over his head, and tightens it to demonstrate how to hang someone. “Funny,” Katiss responds. AND SHE’S KIND OF SMILING. The tension is there, I tell ya! This plus the sugar cube scene? Hubba hubba.

He offers her the rope and asks if she wants to take him for a walk. Whoa, nelly.

We know Finnick only has eyes for Annie, but this deleted scene is a Katnick shipper's dream.

Image: Lionsgate